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stats Transaktionsmail-Benchmark 2020 [PDF]

Die Datenbasis des Inxmail Transaktionsmail-Benchmark 2020 bilden circa achtzig Millionen anonymisierte E-Mails aus circa 60.000 versendeten Mailings. Die analysierten E-Mails wurden zwischen dem 1. Januar und 31. Dezember 2019 mit Inxmail Commerce, unserer spezialisierten Lösung für automatisierte E-Mails, versendet. Bei den Ergebnissen handelt es sich – wenn nicht anders angegeben – stets um den Mittelwert der untersuchten Kennzahl. Zur besseren Gegenüberstellung werden Transaktionsmails in diesem [...] [more] 
inxmail.de    Automation, Study

stats 2020 State of Email, Fall Edition [PDF]

Over 2,000 marketing professionals weighed in on what’s driving their email strategies and what they think the future of email looks like. Respondents included email and marketing specialists, team leads, managers,directors, VP-level executives, and C-level executives all in the marketing field. More than half of respondents hold leadership positions, while 44% of respondents hold positions like email designer, developer, digital strategist, and marketing analyst. [...] [more] 
litmus.com    Study

tactics Predicting the Optimal Date and Time to Send Personalized Marketing Messages to Repeat Buyers [PDF]

The proposed solution is based on a regression modeltrained with transactional data and instant messaging metadata.We describe the way such a model can be created and deployedto a scalable high-performance environment and provide pilotevaluation results that suggest a significant improvement inmarketing effectiveness. [...] [more]
researchgate.net    Intelligence

tactics Email in Practice: Animation and Real-Time Content [PDF]

RTC, or Real-Time Content - a jewel in the crown of the modern email marketing campaign strategy, one that helps breathe new life into what was previously a relatively static medium by delivering up-to-the minute live data and moving imagery that adapts depending on anything, from user behaviour and data-sets through to something as simple as the weather outside. [...] [more] 
dma.org.uk    Design, Video

stats Cheetah: 2020 global consumer report [PDF]

French consumers rank email as the #1 channel for receiving offers, incentives, and rewards from brands and retailers. Email is still a key driver for consumer action including sales. Adding personalization ensures your messages resonate when sent. [...] [more] 
cheetahdigital.com    Study

stats E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmark 2020 [PDF]

Die Reports desInxmail E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmark 2020 geben Aufschluss über den Mailingversand, Öffnungs-und Klickraten sowie die effektive Klickrate. Zudem untersucht die Studie Merkmale zur Listenhygiene anhand der Bouncerateund vergleicht die Lesegewohnheiten auf Basis der verwendeten E-Mail-Clients. Der Benchmark geht dabei auf Unterschiede der Zielgruppen B2B sowie B2C ein und liefert einen umfassenden Branchenvergleich. Zudem enthält die Studie zahlreiche Tipps für Marketer, um ihre Kampagnen [...] [more] 
inxmail.de    Study

stats eco: Digital Marketing Trends 2020 [PDF]

E-Mail-Marketing ist auch in diesem Jahr der Kanal, welcher am Wenigsten von Budgetkürzungen betroffen ist. Nur drei Prozent der Befragten geben an, dieses Jahr weniger in ihre E-Mail-Kommunika-tion investieren zu wollen [...] [more] 
eco.de    Study, Trend

discussion E-commerce personalization in the Nordics [PDF]

E-commerce Personalisation in the Nordics is partly based on four consecutive surveys conducted between February 2019 to March 2019 in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden by YouGov. The aggregated survey consists of quantitative interviews with subjects over the age of 18 with a national representation of gender, age, and region. The total amount of respondents is 4063, with 1039 in Sweden, 1013 in Denmark, 1010 in Norway and 1001 in Finland [...] [more] 
anpdm.com    Customization, Marketing

stats E-Mail Studie: Kennzahlen & Clients nach Branchen 2019 [PDF]

Wir liefern Ihnen die aktuelle mailworx Studie zum Jahr 2019 kostenlos direkt in Ihr E-Mail Postfach und somit auch die ideale Grundlage sowie perfekten Vergleichswert für alle, die professionelles Newsletter Marketing betreiben wollen. Neben den klassischen KPIs, wie zum Beispiel die Öffnungs-, Lese- sowie Klickrate, wirft man einen detaillierten Blick auf die Ergebnisse der unterschiedlichen Branchen - getrennt nach B2B und B2C-Sektor. [...] [more] 
mlwrx.com    Study

law ICO: Direct marketing code of practice (draft) [PDF]

This is a statutory code of practice prepared under section 122 of the Data Protection Act 2018. It provides practical guidance for thoseconducting direct marketing or operating within the broader directmarketing ecosystem. It explains the law and provides good practicerecommendations. Following the code along with other ICO guidance will help you to comply with the GDPR and PECR. [...] [more] 
ico.org.uk    Law

stats E-Mail-Marketing Benchmarks 2020 [PDF]

95 Prozent der 5000 Top-Unternehmen im deutschsprachigen Raum betreiben aktiv E-Mail-Marketing. Jedoch nutzen nur die wenigsten dieser Unternehmen ihr volles Potenzial auch wirklich aus. Das ergab die bisher größte Benchmarkstudie der Unternehmensberatung absolit. 5017 Unternehmen aus 177 Sektoren wurden auf bis zu 150 Kriterien untersucht. [more] 
absolit.de    Study

law DS-GVO Evaluierung 2020: DDV fordert Abbau von Innovationshindernissen und Bürokratie [PDF]

Mit Blick auf den Bereich des Dialogmarketings schlägt der DDV vor, die folgenden Aspekte in die Evaluierung einzubeziehen, um Innovationshindernisse und überflüssige Bürokratie in der DS-GVO abzubauen: 1. Unverhältnismäßigen Aufwand beseitigen [...] [more]
ddv.de    Law

strategy M3AAWG: Sending Domains Best Common Practices [PDF]

This document provides the best common practices related to choosing, setting and using a domain name when sending bulk or transactional emails. Senders, receivers and anti-spam organizations participated in writing and assessing these best practices. The intended audience is primarily senders — both traditional ESPs and other, smaller senders [...] [more] 
m3aawg.org    Deliverability

stats Consumer Email Tracker 2020 [PDF]

This year’s report reinforces email’s continued position as the core channel around which a customer engagement programme should be built. It remains the preferred channel for consumers across the full customer journey from pre- to post-purchase and for customer service enquiries.This is in spite of findings from the DMA’s ‘Customer Engagement: Acquisition and the Consumer Mindset’ report, which found that social media had overtaken email for the first time among customers aged 18- to 24-years-old. [...] [more] 
pure360.com    Study

discussion Gartner Top Marketing Predictions 2020: Balancing Trust With Insights [PDF]

Download the Gartner Top Marketing Predictions 2020 playbook to get insights into where marketing organizations of the future are headed and answers to your most critical questions, including: How are marketers overcoming the obstacles of personalization? How will the evolution of artificial emotional intelligence (AEI) technologies impact marketing strategies? How are marketers building data ethics guardrails? How will marketers leverage behavioral science in the future? How will customer experience [...] [more] 
gcom.cloud    Trend
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