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strategy Can I Send Less Email And Drive More Revenue?

There’s a lot of pressure on email marketers to send more email. More email drives more site visits and more revenue. More is better, right? Of course, it’s not that simple. Every email marketer knows that sending more messages per subscriber can drive higher unsubscribes and spam reports — and, in some cases, can cause deliverability problems. Most often, frequency is a historical choice made a long time ago and then forgotten. Many companies try a one-size fits all suppression policy based on recen [...] [more]
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discussion Research: Email Volume Optimization at LinkedIn [PDF]

Providers of an online social networking service need to dis- tribute messages to members for a variety of reasons. Com- mon types of messages communicated by a social networking service to its members include membership and event noti- cations, connection requests, promotions, and information regarding other aspects of a member's network. Such com- munication, if used judiciously, can help keep a member en- gaged. However, sending a message for every instance of event, connection update, or the like [...] [more] 
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stats Patience & The Positive Reply: Email Metrics by Sequence

Why does that same sales guy keep emailing you over and over again? He's waiting on a positive reply and the numbers are on his side. [...] [more]
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discussion Meinung: Die Frequenz-Lüge

Die einfache Rechnung mehr Kontakt = mehr Umsatz wird leider immer häufiger auch im E-Mail-Marketing eingesetzt. Bei Anzeigen stimmt es: je höher der Werbedruck, desto mehr wird verkauft. Bei E-Mail jedoch kann der Nutzer den Werbedruck ausschalten, indem er auf Abbestellen drückt. Trotzdem hält sich der Mythos von der hohen Frequenz im E-Mail-Marketing. Der Grund: Die absolute Zahl der Abbestellungen steigt bei Frequenzerhöhung nur leicht an. Es bleibt jedoch dabei: Der meistgenannte Abbestellgrund [...] [more]
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stats Chart: How personally relevant is retail email to different shopper types?

Discover the results of a study of 1,112 U.S. consumers' perceptions of retail email relevance. Since email is the most widely used marketing method, marketers are facing fierce competition for their customers' attention in the inbox. This week, we look at how different shopper types perceive retail email as personally relevant, and how marketers can increase email relevance by building customer personas. [more]
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stats Unroll.Me SPAMMY Awards: Highest Unsubscribe Rate etc.

2015 was a really big year. Sure, as a company, Unroll.Me had a very nice year – we launched the iOS App and saw our user base, blah blah blah - but we weren’t the real winners, our users were. In 2015, Unroll.Me users unsubscribed from over 100 million emails, had four billion (with a B) unwanted emails blocked from their inboxes, and saved over 297 billion (there’s that B word again) seconds by allowing Unroll.Me to manage their inboxes. [...] [more]
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strategy Give the Gift of the Right Frequency

As we approach the holiday season, many retailers will increase their email frequency to their customers. It’s always tough to determine the right frequency, especially during the holidays when customers are being inundated with promotional emails, often multiple times in one day, from the same retailer. A common misconception among marketers is that an increased [...] [more]
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tactics Linkedin: Sending less email is just the beginning

As my colleague Aatif Awan shared a few months ago, we’ve made changes so that the emails you receive are more infrequent and more relevant. As a result, we are now sending 50% fewer emails and have reduced complaints by more than 65%. But it doesn’t stop there. We’d like to ensure that we only send you messages that you want to read no matter how you hear from us. That’s why we have been working on developing a new email and notifications platform called Air Traffic Controller (ATC). [...] [more]
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 discussion What's the best email frequency and how do you find it?

The temptation to email more often is understandable, as it can mean more sales. However, marketers need to find a balance between sending too many and not enough email. The question of how often to email your customers is a tricky one. The temptation to email more often is understandable, as it can mean more sales. [...] [more]
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tactics Email frequency – how to calculate the sweet spot

How often should I send my email marketing campaigns? It’s a common question and a very important one because email send frequency has a huge impact on overall performance. The short answer is send 6.21 email campaigns per week, based on performance analysis of 199 million emails. What’s more unless you’ve undertaken a review of email frequency as below you are almost certainly not contacting your subscribers with the right frequency. [...] [more]
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tactics Chart: How send frequency impacts read rate

There is no single ideal email send frequency that will fit all brands' needs. Therefore, marketers face the challenge of finding and fine-tuning the optimal frequency for their brands with rigorous testing and evaluation. Read on to discover the relationship between email send frequency and engagement among apparel retailers and how to optimize your send frequency for customer engagement, regardless of industry. [...] [more]
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tactics Top 10 Tips Toward More Email ROI

In the first two blog posts in my series on email ROI, we looked at Email ROI Benchmarks, challenges associated with measuring the effectiveness of your own email program, and a range of different ROI models to prove the value of your email investment. In this installment, we will look at some of the most effective strategies you can employ to drive even more value out of your email programs. While there is a broad range of approaches you can leverage to optimize email program performance, some are [...] [more]
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discussion LinkedIn addresses frequency issues

Yesterday LinkedIn announced they’re decreasing the amount of mail they’re sending to users. For every 10 emails we used to send, we’ve removed 4 of them. Already, member’s complaints have been cut in half. And this is just the beginning. Less Email from LinkedIn This is good news for a lot of people, as LinkedIn’s [...] [more]
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strategy Email Frequency Matters For Path To The White House

In the second piece of this four-part series, columnist Tom Sather takes a look at the email campaigns of the presidential contenders and explains why overmailing and undermailing both carry risks. [...] [more]
marketingland.com    Frequency, Study

discussion Clinton Email Volume, Deliverability High: eDataSource

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has seriously opened the email spigots and it seems to have had little to no adverse effect on the messages’ deliverability, according to data from email intelligence firm eDataSource.. Many experts have warned over the years that increasing email volume can adversely affect deliverability as recipients are more likely to hit the “report spam” button. [...] [more]
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