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tactics Attribution: Busting the ROI Myth

In this day and age, digital marketers have the ability to be pickier than ever when it comes to new software. For every marketing problem, there are at least a handful of solutions to choose from; however, they all come with a price attached. One of the most painstaking jobs that marketers are tasked with is accurately measuring ROI from all of their channels and tools. Every tool comes with promises of dramatically increasing ROI, but how do you, as a marketer fully realize whether or not the [...] [more]
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 discussion 7 Inspiring Automation Emails [GFX]

Email automation is not the panacea for email marketing that many articles seem to suggest. The story goes “buy a leading edge automation platform” and your email marketing is no longer spam and strategy is improved double quick. I’ve never seen this to be true and have certainly spoken to too many email marketers who have found out it’s not true - the hard way. Email strategy is not created by buying some cool tech. But more about email automation strategy later. Let’s start with 7 examples of [...] [more]
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discussion Unboxing eDataSource: The Tool that Started it All

Last week I had a rare experience of a lifetime: seeing the evolution of an idea I had in my garage 13 years ago fully transformed into a powerful marketing tool used around the world. And for me it was an incredibly humbling experience. Let me explain: In 2003, one of the leading Advertising Agencies asked for my help in finding a vendor that provided competitive intelligence tool for email. What I discovered was, back then, there were no vendors who were monitoring competitive email campaigns. In [...] [more]
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tactics Amy Mullen: Best Practices for Abandoned Cart Emails

68% of online shoppers abandon their carts. Sad, right? All those lonely, forgotten products… not to mention all that potential revenue your business is missing out on. For retailers, that comes out to $18 billion annually. Ouch. Abandoned cart emails are hands-down the most effective way to re-market to your online shoppers, with a 30% conversion rate versus a 5% conversion rate of regular emails - but not all businesses are using them, or even using them effectively. Adding one to your email roster [...] [more]
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strategy How 5 Simple Ideas Created a Campaign that Generated $0.75 in Revenue per Email Sent

Some of the most effective email marketing campaigns are actually based on very simple ideas. Here’s a campaign that took very little effort but generated nearly $0.75 per email – along with the 5 simple ideas behind the program. [...] [more]
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discussion Segmentation broke A/B testing but personalization will kill it!

The way we test today only works with batch and blast In the last few years digital marketing has been transformed. Marketers have moved from sending the same message to everybody on the list – batch and blast, to segmentation, where messages are specific to particular customer segments or persona’s. According to the 2016 Econsultancy Email Industry Census the majority of respondents claim to be doing basic segmentation while around 1/3 claim to be doing advanced segmentation. [...] [more]
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discussion The Nitty Gritty of Email Segmentation

You probably know by now that segmentation improves email marketing performance significantly, so if you’re still operating primarily in “batch and blast” mode it’s time to start slicing and dicing your subscriber file. Marketers that practice list segmentation see better open and click-through rates, fewer unsubscribes and better deliverability. The reasons are obvious: segmentation creates discreet audiences we can laser-target with offers, creative, and information crafted specifically for them, a [...] [more]
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discussion Brexit and Email Marketing

The impact on email marketing for the general consumer will, I believe, be little to none. The UK’s position on privacy is broadly in line with that of Europe so the rules for email marketing are unlikely to change as a result of this. For brands in the UK I also see little change for the same reasons. They will continue to operate much the same as they have until now. Where I do see a challenge is for European brands working with UK email providers. The EU is in the process of implementing the [...] [more]
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discussion How Machine Learning Takes Email Marketing to New Heights

The possibilities and potential for machine learning never fail to amaze me, whether they could make my personal life easier (now my kitchen appliances can talk to each other, but do I want to know what they're saying about me?) or open up new vistas for email marketers. In case you're wondering whether machine learning (alternatively called "cognitive computing," "deep simulation" or "artificial intelligence") is real or just the latest distracting shiny toy, no less an expert than Steven Sinofsky, [...] [more]
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antispam Understanding the technical: Authentication

How many times have you faced a technical challenge only to solve it by following someone’s tutorial? I’m sure many of us have done it. I know I have. That’s all well and good when you’re trying to figure out how to do something personal. But how do you know if the instructions are right? I’ll tell you a secret, not all of them are correct and others are mostly correct but have some suggestions that can cause problems. Understanding technology means not having to blindly follow technical [...] [more]
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discussion Discussion: Is LTV A Worthless Metric?

Jacob, not only is an industry LTV for a subscriber UTTERLY useless ….your own LTV for your subscriber is an illusion. What LTV implies is a thorough understanding of what will take place in the future….Nostradamus might like LTV…but humble marketers understand that the future is not something that is reducible to formulae. Now, I understand why media owners want to know what others’ LTV is…they want to stick their hands deeper into the pockets of marketers. Marketers share the same delusion as they [...] [more]
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discussion Segmentation Is Not the Answer

I’m starting to cringe every time I hear the phrase, “We could segment our audience based on that data”. People hear that phrase and eyes light up and heads bob in agreement. In meetings with the CMO/SVP, the phrase is carefully proffered as a goal about to be fulfilled, and the CMO/SVP solemnly nods and pats everyone on the back for having done ... [...] [more]
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discussion 2015 Best Innovations in Email Marketing

Email Innovators were busy in 2015. Here is a list of the new products and services that were introduced into the market last year: [...] [more]
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stats Benchmarks and Insights: Click-through Rates, Triggered Messages and Email Newsletters

The 3Q 2015 Email Trends and Benchmark Report was released by Epsilon earlier this month. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth taking a look at – reading it 3 things struck me. 1. Business-as-Usual Click-through Rates Continue to Decline but Mobile Optimization Alone Isn’t the Reason The average click-through rate on non-triggered (“business as usual”) email messages continued to decline, hitting 3.5% in 3Q 2015. It hasn’t increased quarter-over-quarter since 3Q 2013, two years ago, when it was at 4.5% [...] [more]
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tactics Subject Lines: Originality is the Key to Sustainable Success.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. Subject lines… the easiest thing to write, the hardest thing to get right. There is just no single best practice, rule or tactic that works every time. [...] [more]
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