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discussion Unsubscribe rates and the "New Gmail"

When the "New Gmail" was released, many feared the Easy Unsubscribe feature would boost unsubscribe rates. But has that happened? We looked at the numbers. [...] [more]
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stats The Relevancy Group's annual ESP Buyer's Guide [PDF]

The report combines data from a February 2019executive survey of 406email marketers and documented ESP demos related to three key themes. We also utilized vendor questionnaires and our two-decades of knowledge of the providers in this sector. One-on-one phone interviews with several of the marketers who use these tools and our executive surveyclients provided satisfaction data. The methodology details our entire recipe, but readers can feel confident in knowing that our vendor evaluation process is [...] [more] 
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mobile Improving the Customer Experience with Deep Linking

Through Deep Linking, we will have support for both iOS Universal Links and Android Deep Links, enabling marketers to create content in email or SMS messages that opens links to destinations within their app instead of in a mobile browser. For example, if you’re sending a hot new deal to a recipient for a purchase page that is part of your app, you can have mobile users go straight to the application, while desktop users and recipients without your app land at your destination URL on your website, [...] [more]
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tactics ESP Landscape: Rethinking the RFP Approach [PDF]

Many of today’s RFPs reflect outdated understandings of ESP technology, rather than the current reality of the company’s needs and potential. If the RFP serves more to make the selection process easier than to make it more effective at identifying the right choice, the RFP has lost its way. Yes, RFPs can be useful. But, when it comes to choosing a new ESP, we found that companies are making mistakes that are reducing the RFP’s effectiveness. And most of the key decision makers simply don’t realize it [...] [more] 
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discussion Webinar Recap: Rethinking ESP RFPs [VID]

If you've had challenges with the RFP process in the past, this webinar can help you get on track, with expert advice that will help you get the right ESP. [...] [more]
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tactics The importance of real-time data for transactional email

Transactional emails are part of every B2C marketer's strategy, and API calls are key to their execution. Real-time data enhances their effectiveness. [...] [more]
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discussion The New and Improved Gmail

Feel free to give the new Gmail a try within your own inbox by clicking Settings (cog wheel on the top right corner of your inbox) -> ‘Try the new Gmail’. And if this new version is not for you, you can always revert back to the original version, ‘Go back to classic Gmail’. It will be interesting to see the potential impacts on deliverability and email marketers as the new version is fully rolled out, so stay tuned. [...] [more]
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 stats 2018 ESP Satisfaction Report [PDF]

40% of firms that send more than 100 million emails a month have been with their current primary ESP for more than five years. In contrast, only 10% of the firms that send 10 to 50 million emails a month say the same thing. High revenue also signals a low propensity for change: Only 6% of companies that pull in $1 billion expect to change their ESP in the next 12 months, compared to 26% of everyone else. Yet 18% of the $1 billion companies are unsatisfied — and none of these expect to make a move. [...] [more] 
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discussion 5 Common Questions About Hybrid Email Marketing

You may have noticed that recent reports on digital marketing providers and industry predictions for marketing technology are highlighting new solutions that are poised to disrupt a stagnant landscape. For years, enterprise email solutions have come in two varieties: SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and on-premise. However, another option has emerged that is becoming increasingly viable and marketers are [...] [more]
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tactics Getting Off On The Right Foot: A Guide to Welcome Emails

A welcome email is typically the first email a new subscriber or customer will receive from your brand after opting in to your marketing programs. This is where an email marketer can make a great first impression on their brand’s behalf (or, if poorly executed, the opposite). [...] [more]
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