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discussion 2 New Reasons That Email Attribution Is Not A Straight Line

Email marketing is an increasingly difficult channel to track, explains columnist Chad White, which is why marketers need to rethink their approach and look toward new metrics. [...] [more]
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discussion Yesmail Report: Email Marketers Need To Walk Before They Can Run

Email marketers have big ambitions for leveraging this popular channel — but many still have a long ways to go. That’s the key takeaway in a new report from Yesmail, out today. Entitled “The 2016 Yesmail Channel Report,” it is the first such study from this email marketing provider. (The above is an image from the report.) The survey based its findings on responses from 200 retailers at the National Retail Federation’s 2015 Shop.org conference last fall — a relatively small sample, but potentially [...] [more]
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strategy Deliverability: New Solutions To Old Problems In 2016

It’s not surprising that the way your subscribers interact with your content impacts your deliverability. Positive engagements, like messages that are read and interacted with, factor favorably, while messages that are deleted without being read, ignored or unsubscribed from factor negatively into how mailbox providers view your mail. This not only affects all the email you send, but even a few of the top email providers like Gmail and Yahoo are starting to personalize inbox delivery of emails to [...] [more]
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stats Black Friday & Cyber Monday Email Marketing Results: Mobile Open Rates Exceed 60%

After the biggest online shopping weekend of the year, email marketing platform Movable Ink reported a 76-percent open rate for mobile emails on Black Friday and 63 percent on Cyber Monday. Breaking down its data by device, Movable Ink found Black Friday email conversions — an email click that resulted in a purchase — were higher on mobile devices versus desktops, with 57 percent of conversions happening on either a smartphone (44 percent) or tablet (13 percent). [...] [more]
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 discussion My Top 5 Favorite Apology Emails [GFX]

Email marketing mistakes are not a matter of “if,” but “when.” Email is too dynamic, too complex, and too quick a medium to avoid mistakes completely. So given this inevitability, it pays to be prepared for the worst. When trying to recover from an email marketing mistake, your action plan may include sending an apology email. A good apology email does three things: Says that you’re sorry. Explains what went wrong (and perhaps provides reassurances that it won’t happen again and, if appropriate, that [...] [more]
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strategy 10 Tips For A Very Merry Email Marketing Holiday Season

Retailers, ideally, you’ve been warming up your subscribers and generating some early holiday sales over the past month or two, but now that Halloween has passed and it’s November, it’s official: The holiday season is here! To help you make the most of it, here are 10 tips that will make your email marketing results merrier: [...] [more]
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stats Black Friday Email Open Rates Highest On Monday & Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

Going on last year’s campaign results, Yesmail says retailers are waiting too late to send their Black Friday-themed emails and Facebook posts. According to a report from the email marketing provider, open rates for Black Friday emails were the highest on the Monday and Tuesday preceding Black Friday, but the majority of email campaigns — 33 percent — were sent on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. [...] [more]
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discussion Best Practice Email Marketers Need Not Apply

Every time I’m asked to deliver a presentation on “best practices in email,” it makes me sigh. The reason is simple: Most of the best practices out there are fairly generic and low-impact. They include tactics such as: Create a preference center [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail Ads: What's New (And Not New) With This Native Ad Type

Gmail Ads, formerly known as Gmail Sponsored Promotions, are now a standard part of the AdWords toolbox. Columnist Susan Waldes explains how they work so that you can start taking advantage of them. [...] [more]
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discussion Shhh. Your Email Program Should Be A Secret Weapon

I’ve worked with several large, well-known companies. Some push the virtual envelope with their email marketing, but let’s face it — many do not. Most, even. There are a number of reasons for this lack of advancement in email strategies. Many marketers feel they simply don’t need to innovate — email is exceeding expectations, or it’s largely ignored by their leaders as a small part of their broader marketing strategy. [...] [more]
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discussion 4 Characteristics Of A Contextually-Aware Email Marketing System

“Email is the most contextual medium — much more than the Web,” Kevin Mandeville, content designer at Litmus (my employer), said during the Advanced Targeting and Hacks Workshop at The Email Design Conference in Boston last week. “We know much more about our users.” Mandeville was speaking specifically about marketers’ ability to target email clients like Outlook and Yahoo with various coding hacks, but when you think about email marketing on a program level, what he said is even truer. [...] [more]
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discussion Notablist - A Search Engine For Email Newsletters

While social may be driving many marketing to-do lists, email is still a priority. Less than a year ago, a study from Pew Research Center revealed employees with online access rated email as their most important working tool, the majority of respondents ranking email more important than internet access, a phone line, a smartphone or social networks. As the Pew research proves, email remains an effective way to engage your target market. And while there are countless tools to design, implement and [...] [more]
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discussion Why You Should Quit Coding Emails

The email design and coding process is broken for many companies. Email marketers are spending a disproportionate amount of their lives trying to figure out why Gmail has absolutely destroyed their HTML, rather than working on the things that can actually make a measurable impact on the performance of their email program. [...] [more]
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strategy Email Frequency Matters For Path To The White House

In the second piece of this four-part series, columnist Tom Sather takes a look at the email campaigns of the presidential contenders and explains why overmailing and undermailing both carry risks. [...] [more]
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stats The Impact Of Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation On Subscriber Rates

It came as no surprise that the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) was going into effect. Although rumors were circulating about the new policy as early as 2010, it’s been imperative since 2012 that marketers understand how they would need to adapt — and this understanding is still prevalent today. [...] [more]
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