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law GDPR and How Compliance Can Improve Your Email Marketing

Revalidate All Your Subscribers. If you are not sure that the people on your current lists gave consent or you don’t have a record of it, the onus is on you to revalidate all of your EU subscribers now. MailerLite makes it easy for you to revalidate with a new GDPR template. You can simply go to Create New Campaign > Template Gallery > GDPR Template to find the pre-built template. We created the template with specific text to help you explain GDPR with a focus on revalidating your subscribers. [...] [more]
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stats Compare your email performance metrics: 2017 industry benchmarks

Every week you open your dashboard with anticipation to see if your email campaign is performing well. Among the most important metrics that you look at first are your open, bounce, click and unsubscribe rates. These stats help you determine if your emails are breaking through and resonating with your subscribers. When your performance metrics are too low, it means you need to change a few things. On the other hand, when your campaign is outperforming your expectations, it means you want to [...] [more]
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tactics Email Segmentation Without User Data

Do you want to increase your conversions from email marketing? Sure. We all do! Do you know what is the most popular advice for that? SEGMENTATION. Email marketing experts say that segmentation is the most effective, yet the most overlooked strategy in email marketing. [...] [more]
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