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strategy M3AAWG: Sending Domains Best Common Practices [PDF]

This document provides the best common practices related to choosing, setting and using a domain name when sending bulk or transactional emails. Senders, receivers and anti-spam organizations participated in writing and assessing these best practices. The intended audience is primarily senders — both traditional ESPs and other, smaller senders [...] [more] 
m3aawg.org    Deliverability

antispam M3AAWG Position on Selling Email Address Lists [PDF]

The practice of selling, buying or sending to lists of purchased email addresses – whether business to business (B2B), business to consumers (B2C) or other categories, is in direct violation of M3AAWG core values. There are many reasons why buying and selling of email address lists is an abusive practice. It leads to a high volume of non-permission based email and creates a drain on corporate resources. [...] [more] 
m3aawg.org    Listbuilding, Spam

antispam Trust in Email Begins with Authentication [PDF]

The disruptive effects of spam and other email abuse have generated two lines of response by the email services industry. One focuses on detecting and filtering problem messages. A complementary, but different, response seeks a basis for trusting a message rather than for mistrusting it. Is someone trustworthy responsible for the message? This approach has three steps [...] [more] 
m3aawg.org    Spam, Deliverability

 strategy Updated M3AAWG Best Practices for Senders [PDF]

To improve the effectiveness of their campaigns, marketers should only use opt-in processes in building their lists and obtain recipients’ permission before sending messages, according to the updated M3AAWG Senders Best Common Practices, Version 3.0, released today by the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group. The revised document also recommends using technologies that provide better transparency into the originating sender to help reduce phishing attacks and addresses data [...] [more]
m3aawg.org    Listbuilding, Marketing

strategy M3AAWG Sender Best Common Practices [PDF]

This document gives an overview of the current best common practices for sending commercial electronic messaging, focusing on the technical and practical policy aspects of these operations. The audience for this M3AAWG Senders Best Common Practices ranges from delivery and compliance professionals working for an ESP (Email Servicer Provider) or a large sender to the marketing and management staff involved in the approval and deployment of these practices. This document addresses the practices related [...] [more] 
m3aawg.org    Listbuilding, Deliverability

 tactics M3AAWG: Help – I’m On A Blocklist [PDF]

Nearly all email systems at some point have delivery issues because their sending IPs or domains are included on a blocklist. This includes Email Sender Providers and network operators. Depending on where mail is blocked, these listings can trigger a panic reaction inside the blocked company. Therefore, understanding [...] [more] 
m3aawg.org    Deliverability
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