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discussion Email Newsletter Lookbook [PDF]

To help inspire you to make the best email newsletter for your company possible, we’ve compiled some of our absolute favorite email newsletters. They are all fabulous for different reasons -- some have exceptional design, some have exceptional copy, some have exceptional calls-to-action ... but all are exceptional at solving for their subscribers’ needs. Check ‘em out! [...] [more] 
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stats Epsilon's Q3 2018 email trends & benchmarks [PDF]

With quarterly aggregated data from over 15 billion emails across verticals, the quarterly Email trends and benchmarks report showcases email marketing outcomes for both business as usual (BAU) and triggered emails. The current report, for Q3 2018, highlights: Performance metrics for both BAU and triggered emails; Breakdowns by vertical and message type; Analysis of trends spotted over the past two years; [...] [more]
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tactics An Advanced Guide to Marketing Automation in Retail [PDF]

The truth is that basic cart abandonment emails or generic welcome campaigns just aren’t going to cut it with the modern shopper for much longer — and why should they when consumers are being offered individually-tailored experiences by those at the forefront of personalisation? This guide aims to provide retail marketers with a practical toolkit for taking their marketing automation to the next level, using best practice advice and examples. [...] [more] 
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law Trusted Shops Abmahnstudie 2017 [PDF]

Fast jeder zweite Online-Händler ist in den vergangenen 12 Monaten mindestens einmal abgemahnt worden – so ein Ergebnis unserer Studie „Abmahnungen im Online-Handel 2017”. Die Ergebnisse zeigen auch: Abmahnvereine werden zunehmend zum Problem für den Online-Handel. Händler sehen sich in ihrer Existenz bedroht. Die Ergebnisse unserer Abmahnstudie liegen nun vor. Das Meinungs- und Stimmungsbild unter den Online-Händlern hat sich in den letzten zwölf Monaten nochmals verschlechtert. Grund hierfür sind [...] [more] 
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strategy A Guide to Predictive Analytics [PDF]

Of course, if you wish to deliver this to customers at scale, there simply aren’t enough bartenders or clerks for these personal interactions. Instead, we direct our inquiries at search bars or hunt web page categories. By its very nature, online shopping removes the human element we commonly associate with a personal customer experience. But that doesn’t mean it can’t. Through proper data management and relevant technologies, marketers can develop a system of predictive analytics to emulate the [...] [more] 
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stats 2017 North American Email Benchmarks & Trends Report [PDF]

In this 2017 edition of our North American Email Marketing Benchmarks & Trends Report, we discuss the six major trends in email marketing including the impact of mobile devices on the customer experience, struggles with email deliverability, the rise of contextual marketing, customer journeys, adaptive content, and the impact of marketing automation. We also provide a commentary about North American email marketing benchmarks for the full year, 2016. [...] [more] 
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law Ergebnisse der Trusted Shops Studie Abmahnungen im Online-Handel 2016 [PDF]

Die Studie von Trusted Shops zu Abmahnungen im Online-Handel deckt auf: Die Hälfte der Shopbetreiber sieht sich in ihrer Existenz bedroht. Details ansehen: [...] [more] 
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stats Demac Ecommerce Benchmark Report Q3 2016 [PDF]

Two of our top-performing retailers sent 6 million in Q3 in two categories: targeted and “batch and blast”. Targeted campaigns account for only 5% of emails sent but generated 32% of email revenue! Batch and Blast emails should be reserved for big promotional days like Black Friday, which applies to all shoppers equally. Start segmenting with a friendly welcome sequence and cart recovery emails. Measure your success, and iterate based on your CRM data to for continued success.[...] [more] 
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stats Retail Email Overload [PDF]

First Insight’s consumer retail survey polled 1,112 consumers across America regarding their thoughts about the marketing emails they receive from retailers and their impact. The survey was conducted online between October 12 and November 5, 2015. When asked about the frequency of emails they receive, two-thirds of the consumers who receive six or more emails a week said it was too many. Most emails are not relevant. [...] [more] 
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strategy Forrester: The Digital Maturity Model 4.0 [PDF]

You know your firm needs to transform to place digital at the heart of its business strategy. But as a digital business leader, where do you start? Where do you focus your efforts? and as your firm matures, how do you know you are on the right track? Forrester’s digital business maturity model 4.0 allows you to plot your organizational maturity, offers comparative benchmarks. and helps guide your actions to elevate your digital capabilities. this report outlines the model. [...] [more] 
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stats Econsultancy Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2015 [PDF]

Find out the types of conversions and measurements organizations are using and the best practices that shape them; Discover the most valuable methods used to improve conversion rates and the methods organizations will be using in the future; Understand how companies are using personalization as part of their CRO efforts and the effect this has on conversions; Benchmark your organization's approach to CRO using the Conversion Maturity Model [...] [more] 
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stats Best Times To Get Your Business Email Opened now [PDF]

This report will tell you: The best time to send emails on weekdays. When to send emails on weekends. How to take advantage of email on big holidays. How to handle email during single-day holidays. [...] [more] 
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discussion Machine Learning for Email Marketers: A Practical Guide [PDF]

The technology (Marketing Automation, Analytics) has taken over a lot of the “manual labor” of email marketing: building, sending and testing. But like many technological innovations before it, it’s added an additional level of management and oversight to the mix. Machines need maintenance, machines need to be told what to do, machines can’t learn from their mistakes. Until now… Enter Machine Intelligence, the technology that is transforming the way both consumers and marketers interact with content. [...] [more] 
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social 22 Uses for Embedded Social Feeds in Email [PDF]

Marketing is evolving at a rapid pace and there are more technologies than ever before to manage it. We marketers are increasingly challenged with how to best reach our audiences. It’s clear that we want maximum ROI, better engagement, and improved personalization and relevance. The ambiguous question is how to achieve those things, particularly with manageable budgets and resources. Am I right? [...] [more] 
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stats We Surveyed 1200 People To Learn How To Increase Email Effectiveness [PDF]

Email is a lean communication channel, and as such, the slightest detail can make or break your success with influencer outreach. Do you know how email communication differs by generation? This guide will teach you: * what 50% of people think about the use of humor in email; how people perceive you when you use emoticons; * what 40% of respondents found “totally unacceptable"; [...] [more] 
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