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antispam G Suite security updates for Gmail, Meet, Chat and Admin

Support for the BIMI standard in Gmail. While we have many defenses built into Gmail, we recognize that email functions in a large, complex, interconnected ecosystem. This is why we’re working not just to keep Gmail safe, but to help keep the entire ecosystem secure. [...] [more]
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antispam Spam does not bring us joy—ridding Gmail of 100 million more spam messages with TensorFlow

1.5 billion people use Gmail every month, and 5 million paying businesses use Gmail in the workplace as a part of G Suite. For consumers and businesses alike, a big part of Gmail’s draw is its built-in security protections. Good security means constantly staying ahead of threats, and our existing ML models are highly effective at doing this—in conjunction with our other protections, they help block more than 99.9 percent of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching Gmail inboxes. Just as we evolve [...] [more]
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tactics Get started: How to annotate your promotional email

Email annotations bring your promotions to life with images, deals, expiration dates and more—similar to other email markup. Annotations can be added as JSON-LD in a script tag within the head of HTML of your email. To learn more, review the Email Markup Getting Started guide. For a list of the properties you can include in an email markup, see the Promotions Tab Reference. [...] [more]
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tactics Empfehlungen in TensorFlow: Modell auf Daten aus Google Analytics anwenden

Dieser Artikel ist der dritte Teil einer mehrteiligen Anleitungsreihe, in der Ihnen gezeigt wird, wie Sie in der Google Cloud Platform (GCP) mit TensorFlow und der Cloud Machine Learning Engine ein auf maschinellem Lernen (ML) basierendes Empfehlungssystem implementieren. In diesem Teil erfahren Sie, wie Sie das TensorFlow-Modell auf Daten aus Google Analytics 360 anwenden, um Inhaltsempfehlungen für eine Website zu erhalten. [...] [more]
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stats Retail customer experience benchmarking - Best practices & best-in-class retailers

For our omni-channel customer experience benchmarking project we put together a list of principles across a range of categories such as store details, personalisation, customer service and cross-promotion. In this article, we share some of the best-in-class examples from each category of customer experience principle. [...] [more]
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stats Modeling Time to Open of Emails with a Latent State for User Engagement Level [PDF]

Email messages have been an important mode of communication, not only for work, but also for social interactions and marketing. When messages have time sensitive information, it becomes relevant for the sender to know what is the expected time within which the email will be read by the recipient. In this paper we use a survival analysis framework to predict the time to open an email once it has been received. We use the Cox Proportional Hazards (CoxPH) model that offers a way to combine various [...] [more]
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discussion Collection of Interactive emails [GFX]

View Burberry / view REI / view Nest / view B&Q / view Pizza Express / view Pret / view Odeon / view Xbox / view HP / view B&Q / view Bauknecht advent cal. / view Telegraph / view Bobbie Brown / view Table tr td pizza / [...] [more]
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stats So suchen und kaufen die deutschen Konsumenten Geschenke

Zwar sind es noch gut drei Monate hin bis zum großen Fest, doch schon jetzt beginnen viele Kunden sich erste Gedanken über Geschenke zu machen. Damit wird jetzt eine der umsatzstärksten Jahreszeiten des Handels eingeläutet: die Weihnachtszeit. Ganze 20 Prozent des gesamten Jahresumsatzes werden zu dieser Zeit gemacht. Umso wichtiger, dass Händler ein klares Verständnis für das Kaufverhalten ihrer Kunden haben. [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail will support the STYLE tag, media queries, classes and many other things

The news shook the community of developers and designers of emails since yesterday: Google will bear the Responsive Design "later this month." That means support for STYLE tags, media queries, attributes class and id HTML. Google has posted pages explaining CSS support, and also a list of supported media queries and CSS properties. [...] [more]
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tactics "Thinking Outside the TABLE" from the Design Conference 2016

Last month, I had the honor of giving a lecture at The Email Design Conference in London entitled "Thinking Outside the TABLE". It is a mix of some of my previous articles, as Super Mail Forward , Flexbox in an e-mail or the technique of the Fab Four , but with a new narrative and new content. [...] [more]
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discussion Does an email have to look the same everywhere?

There are two years, a client asked me to include the following in an email. This is an image with text on it. The image may vary in width and height. The text is dynamic and must be in HTML, and it has an effect as in the press with a background color. And everything must be clickable and optimized for mobile. [...] [more]
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stats Netherlands: Email Benchmark 2016 is out!

Want to know what the trends and developments in the field of email marketing are? Download now the 13th edition (2016) of the Email Benchmarks. [...] [more]
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discussion Tinus Torvalds vs Gmail Spam Filter...

Something you did recently has been an unmitigated disaster. Of the roughly 1000 spam threads I've gone through so far, right now 228 threads were incorrectly marked as spam. That's not the 0.1% false positive rate you tried to make such a big deal about last week. No. That's over 20% of my spambox being real emails with patches and pull requests. Almost a quarter! [...] [more]
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tactics Dynamic Google Maps in email: A How-To

Last year we knew you already tell on our blog how dynamic Google Maps in your email can place . Since then, the process is a bit changed, so it is high time to give an update so that you can soon integrate a nice dynamic Google Maps image in your email campaigns. In this blog post I explain step by step how to add this extra piece appropriate for your recipients themselves. [...] [more]
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mobile Easy resizing, swipe to archive and more added to Gmail on Android

Easy resizing, swipe to archive and more added to Gmail on Android Today we released version 4.2.1 of the Gmail app for Android, making it easier to both view and read your messages. No longer will your favorite email newsletters get cut off at the edges; with this latest version, you can now choose to have the emails resized to fit neatly on your screen and pinch to zoom for a closer look. You can turn on auto-fit under Settings > General Settings. When you are checking mail on the go, sometimes you [...] [more]
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