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tactics Email design tactics that seduce readers [GFX]

With every email, your brand is subliminally benchmarked against other brands, at-a-glance – to see if you’re a fit, and you’ve delivered what the recipient signed up for. Your reader needs to be reminded of brand affinity before engaging again. This happens at a glance. And people don’t feel affinity with ugly content. The simple point here is: that there’s an important role for strong design in email – maybe even superseding relevancy (gasp!). [...] [more]
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strategy New marketing strategy required in China as local ISP’s introduce new regulations

Many Chinese eCommerce companies still perceive email marketing as an acquisition tool. This is evidenced by the large number of local ESPs who sell/rent lists purely for acquisition purposes. Unsurprisingly, this leads to large amounts of spam and has been the cause of conflict between ESPs and ISPs. [more]
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strategy Best Practice Guide: Marketing Automation in Asia-Pacific [PDF]

This report takes an unbiased look at the role of marketing automation technology within countries which collectively form Asia - Pacific (APAC). It covers the technical and marketing elements of marketing automation, while also looking at the potential uses and benefits of marketing automation across the region. We include d interviews with key marketing automation users and industry specialists from across APAC to learn what challenges they face, implementation best practices and benefits [...] [more] 
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strategy Geo Mail Marketing: Offline Käufer – Online abholen

Cross Channel bei Online Shops bedeutet in den meisten Fällen, dass der Händler neben dem normalen Webshop auch stationäre Verkaufsstellen betreibt. Während der Umsatz im eCommerce seit Jahren stetig zunimmt, möchte man meinen, dass Offline Filialen ihre Daseinsberechtigung verlieren werden. Da mag es verwundern, dass beispielsweise große Elektronik E-Tailer wie notebooksbilliger.de oder cyberport.de immer mehr Filialen eröffnen. [...] [more]
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tactics Aktuelles Android Update ebnet neue Wege für den Pre-Header

Immer wieder weisen wir unsere Kunden darauf hin, dass es wichtig ist mit der Anzahl der mobilen Öffnungen von E-Kampagnen vertraut zu sein. Dies steht im direkten Zusammenhang damit, dass diese Zahl sich stetigem Wachstum erfreut durch die massive Zunahme der Smartphonenutzung. Bedingt durch dieses wachsende Nutzer-/Leseverhalten, ist eines der wertvollsten Instrumente in der mobilen Welt der Pre-Header. [more]
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strategy Deliverability for the New Year: Engagement

Dead addresses, recipients who do not react to these reactivation emails should be cleaned permanently, to ensure higher inbox placement rates, increased response rates, and ultimately increased revenues. Use the following engagement metrics which are available to you as a rule of thumb: * Ideally having a Unique Open Rate of above 8% (for stable inbox delivery above 12%); * A Hard Bounce Rate less than 1%; * Spam Complaint Rate should stay below 0.1%. [...] [more]
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mobile Email Optimisation for Mobile [PDF]

Mobile devices are everywhere with some 500+ new smartphones and 200+ tablets launched last year. We are becoming a truly web enabled society. Tablets are replacing laptops as cloud based storage enables information to be available whenever and wherever it is needed. With this in mind we have put together this whitepaper with advice on how to improve click rates by ensuring your emails are mobile friendly without increasing your workload. [more] 
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strategy 12 days of Christmas Email Marketing [PDF]

The months running up to Christmas are notoriously the busiest time of year for most businesses and sales and marketing departments. Last year online sales in December were up 30% year-on-year, and the last week before Christmas saw almost double the sales compared with 2010 (Metapack). To help you plan, refine and leverage email marketing programmes during this peak seasonal period, we’ve outlined some key advice for managing your email marketing programmes on the run up to the Christmas period – an [...] [more] 
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 stats emarsys Email Marketing Benchmark Report 2012

The Scandinavian countries continue to dominate the open and click rate although the Finnish have overtaken the Danish from last year on clicks with an impressive 17.28%. English click rates remain the lowest whilst Germany slipped from top position last year on open rates to third. With regards industries, there doesn’t seem to be any particular trend taking place, as last year’s industry/consumer led in the open rate but this year administration/energy took pole position. But despite the high open [...] [more] 
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 strategy Internal Marketing: Are We Forgetting Something?

People are the most important resource of any company. Products, prices, packaging, and all the rest will not translate into profits if there aren’t good people behind the company. There are many ways to communicate with employees and staff in order to motivate them, empower them, and ensure they’re aligned with the company goals. [more]
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strategy Change your perspective

Although a lot has been written about this topic, many marketers and senders still hold the following beliefs: #The more emails sent, the higher the response will be. #As long as I have a legal opt-in I can send what I want and ISPs have to deliver. Unfortunately, this point of view does not reflect reality and shows only one side of email marketing. For those familar with the concept of sender reputation and recipient (re)actions – which are the basis of the fomer – this advice will be a reminder. [more]
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strategy Praxisguide für E-Mail-Marketing in 2011 [PDF]

1. Der Aufstieg von Social Media: Chancen für E-Mail Marketing 2. Going mobile: Der Umgang mit der mobilen Revolution 3. Von einfacher Interaktion zur langjährigen Kundenbeziehung: gewinnbringende Nutzung von Transaktions- und Triggermails 4. Raus aus der Masse 5. Jenseits von Öffnungsraten und Klicks – die neue Ära von E-Mail Analysen [more] 
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