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tactics Rotating banners and Sliders in Email [GFX]

This world loves its choices. From clothes to cars, finding food to finding love and even from Instagram filter to Ice-cream flavor, everyone is spoilt with choices. What better way to transcend that [...] [more]
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mobile iOS 10 Update: Puts ‘Unsubscribe’ on Top in email

In this fast-paced world, everyone is always on the move. Most emails are read on mobile devices; most emails are opened during the 8:00pm – 12:00am timeframe and most importantly an average person spends 15-20 seconds reading an email. If an email marketer doesn’t have enough hoops to jump through, Apple’s new iOS 10 update has been making waves in the email marketing world. [...] [more]
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discussion Gmail accepts media query support in next Update

Sometimes prayers work real fast. On 14th September 2016, Monks had released an article on various HTML email hacks while coding for Gmail and we were hopeful for a miracle. As a recent update, Developer page of Google came out with news that sent shockwaves around the email marketing world. Google Announced Embedded Styles and Media Query Support [...] [more]
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tactics HTML Email Hacks Archive: Gmail workarounds

An HTML rich email is like the new kid in the playground, not everyone shall play with it immediately. Some would readily welcome it (Apple Mail, Thunderbird), but some need coaxing (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!), so that they play well the Email. In our first of the series, the Monks present workaround HTML email Hacks for GMAIL. [...] [more]
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 discussion Email Deliverability Infographic - Tips & Best Practices [GFX]

Email deliverability is a pain area for all marketers. Check out the email deliverability best practices and tips infographic to ensure inbox success. [...] [more]
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tactics Gmail supports 'display:none' in CSS.

An email coder is afraid of nothing… if only Gmail and Outlook rendering issues never existed. Hiding content in Gmail, wasn’t easy earlier unlike other email clients. With majority emails being [...] [more]
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discussion 8 Unsubscribe Email Examples to Pull Back your Subscribers [GFX]

The methodology with which you handle your email unsubscribes is way too important than how it’d appear. Rather than making your emails look messy or letting people unsubscribe without a second thou [...] [more]
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discussion Top Pixel-Art in Email Design Inspirations of all time [GFX]

Today, the biggest issue faced by most email marketers during campaigns is “Image blocking“. In fact, only 48% of email recipients doesn’t block images in emails. The email campaigns that are into heavy use of images are not read by half of the email recipients. Email clients like Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook for Mac 2011, Hotmail, etc. doesn’t display images by default. Whereas, Apple Mail, Lotus Notes, etc. displays images by default. Here, we bring a few pixel-art in email inspirations that [...] [more]
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strategy 10 Re-engagement Email Inspirations to Win Back Subscribers [GFX]

Just like any other relationship, the one between you and your email subscribers is likely to become stale after a while. With time, your offers, subject lines, content, all start to seem uninteresting and the subscriber becomes ‘inactive’ ie. he/she stops opening your emails. So, if you wish to rekindle the great chemistry you once shared with your subscribers, a Re-Engagement Emails Campaign is your only option. [...] [more]
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strategy Get the 10 Best GIF Email Inspiration from Monks [GFX]

Images are an essential part of an email and adding the element of motion inside can make your email stand out in your subscriber’s inbox. [...] [more]
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tactics DPI Scaling in Outlook 2007-2013

As email marketers, we all have always highly desired to befriend Outlook, but thanks to the limited support, most HTML emails look real disaster in Outlook versions. Take larger font sizes, tiny tables and images running around all over the place, whoa! Coding emails for outlook looks like a daunting task to most HTML developers. With outlook, the email might look perfect on your machines, whereas look completely haywire in your colleague’s device with different resolution. DPI scaling is the real [...] [more]
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tactics Creative use of Alt text in email – Learn more with our Easter campaign!

Marketers are trying to leverage every single opportunity to stand out in the overloaded inbox. To make an impact, more and more email designers rely on enticing images, but like we all know what about recipients who view your emails without downloading the images or email clients that by default turn the images off? It [...] [more]
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mobile WEARABLE Technology and Email Marketing

With the advent of latest technological evolution aka wearable gadgets from top to toe, perusing for the best user experience becomes inevitable! Screen sizes have been on a reducing spree – making it all the more difficult for marketers to achieve their goals. This landscape shift arriving at wearable technology, mainly smart watches, goes beyond regular size combinations and shapes! This post reflects upon the need for changes in email design and copy for such a ‘twist around the wrist’ viewing [...] [more]
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mobile Retina Email – Overhauling User Experience with High Quality Display! [GFX]

This infographic on Retina Email depicts the importance of retina emails for devices using retina display, giveaways and much more. [more]
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tactics GIF in Email – Fortifying clickthrough rate up to 26%

Like the video popularity, Animation as well has started winning hearts. Animation is a lot easier than video deployment. All that is needed is a static image in gif or png formats. Picture is worth a thousand words and thus at times, animation without sound can work wonders too. [...] [more]
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