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tactics Email Rendering Issues in Outlook and Hacks to Save the Day

Here are the key issues for building and rendering emails for Outlook and the workarounds for them. Background images not supported There different types of backgrounds you can use in your emails. [...] [more]
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mobile Gmail Features v/s Non-Gmail ID Fallbacks

Statista has forecasted that by 2019, worldwide smartphone users will reach a massive 2.5 billion. This reaffirms the need for email marketers to focus on building responsive emails.As per statist [...] [more]
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tactics Interactive Elements- Client Support & Email Fallback Strategies

We have seen email marketing evolve over the years, but the pace at which it is accepting and implementing new technology today is remarkable. The new age emails are more fun, more vibrant and most im [...] [more]
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discussion Email Design Trends for 2017 [GFX]

It’s that time of the year when every email users’ inbox is flooded with diverse offers and greetings. Some are plain text wishes and some are extravagant pieces of art, you are proud to have received. Taking a leaf out of the fresh set of emails gracing our inbox, Monks have come forth with the Email Design Trends that are set to revolutionize the email industry in 2017. [...] [more]
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tactics How to avoid gmail clipping and why is it important?

Have you ever come across the words “Message Truncated” or “Message Clipped” or “View Entire Message”, at the end of an email you received in Gmail? Now, tell me something honestly. How many of you actually click to read the remaining part of the LOOOOOOOOONG PROMOTIONAL email? I’m sure only a few of you raised your hands or may be none! [...] [more]
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discussion April Fool’s Day Email Template Inspirations [GFX]

When was the last time you had a good laugh? It’s been said and noted by great brains throughout history that ‘humor’ keeps the brain healthy and human relationships intact. As Sydney J. Harris once said, “Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway”. The Monks have been getting mischievous at the Monastery with the same thought. As per a data by statisticbrain, the number of people who play an April Fool’s joke each year is estimated to be around 89,000,000. Now that’s a lot! [...] [more]
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tactics Background Image now supports in Windows 10 Mail & Live Mail

Before the webmail era took over, the first email client name that came to the mind of the masses was Outlook. What started as Microsoft Internet Mail and News 1.0 in 1997, got rebranded as Outlook [...] [more]
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tactics Know How To Gain Benefits From Adaptation Emails

As the New Year sets in, the Monks at the Monastery are glad to help and enlighten all their valued customers regarding a great deal under ‘Adaptation Emails’. This innovative service not only saves your bucks by reducing the cost of building email templates but also helps get the most by ‘increasing coding efficiency’. [...] [more]
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discussion Top 10 Valentines Day Email Template Inspirations [GFX]

The Cupid’s day to celebrate love is nearing as everyone is gearing up to drench themselves in the color of love and old love classics. For email marketers it’s the perfect time to say – “I just emailed to say I love you!” and we’re positive that most subscribers would love that. In 2016, an estimated total of 19.7 billion dollars was spent by Americans on Valentine’s Day in comparison to 18.9 billion dollars in 2015. Now that’s a whopping sum! With the number reaching an all-time high it’s no [...] [more]
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tactics Cinemagraph GIF - Glam Up Your Email Campaign [GFX]

Have you ever lavished cardamom on your cookies to give it a feel of exoticism? It tastes amazing, doesn’t it? Cinemagraphs are the cardamom if emails are cookies. They make the emails look great an [more]
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tactics The Charismatic Effect of Personalized Images in Email [GFX]

Humans, by nature, love it when they receive something that has been tailor-made for them. Be it an exclusive birthday gift, a customized vacation, or simply a personalized email. While the oldest, easiest, and most common form of personalization in emails is adding the general ‘Hi Jenny’, ‘Hello Peter’ greeting, the latest and more complicated version involves creating a customer persona in order to enable sending of highly personalized content in emails. A study states that approximately 58% of [...] [more]
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tactics Email segmentation to improve email marketing conversions [GFX]

Just like ‘one size doesn’t fit all’, everyone has a different taste. Thus segmentation comes into play. ‘Segmentation’ in email marketing is like knowing the ‘exact measure’, of what ingredients must go in a dish, to make it totally lip-smacking! As per a MarketingSherpa Report, 32% of marketers aim to segment their email database in the coming years. This aligns email marketing towards ‘quality’ and ‘relevance’. To ultimately understand and achieve this we must understand the inception process [...] [more]
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discussion Future Trends in Email Marketing

In the year 2016, we experienced a surge in the use of interactivity in emails, rise in mobile-friendly, concise, and automated emails, and a lot of emojis in subject line & preview text – all of which was predicted by the Monks. So, what is it that email marketers should look forward to in the coming year? Inspired by the success of the 2016 predictions, the Monks, bring to you predictions for the future of email marketing in 2017. [...] [more]
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discussion 8 Christmas Sale Email Examples for Your Holiday Campaign [GFX]

Christmas is right around the corner and everyone is all set to bask in the holiday mood. The vibes of merriment have covered the entire internet and marketers are all set to promote their festive off [...] [more]
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tactics Tooltip in Email: One More Interactive Approach

In between preparing a Holiday Calendar and Planner for 2016 and coding your beautifully designed emails, the Monastery has been buzzing with activities. But this has never come between the Monks’ passion for making email a better and enjoyable domain. Monks are always ahead in implementing interactive elements in email with global compatibility (including fallback for the non-supportive devices). You may sample all the interactive email elements. [...] [more]
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