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tactics EEC Releases Achieving Accessibility in Email Guides [PDF]

ver 1 billion people worldwide, nearly 13%, are affected by accessibility issues. There are 253 million people worldwide who are visually impaired, 320 million worldwide are colorblind and up to 20% of the global population is dyslexic. As it relates to hearing disabilities, 466 million people globally experience hearing loss. As marketers, it is our responsibility to remove barriers, making it easier for our audiences to understand what we’re communicating and providing them with the experience that [...] [more]
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tactics EEC: Achieving Accessibility in Email Marketing - For Marketers & Designers [PDF]

Here Are a Few Approaches that Help Make Email Marketing Accessible to All, Regardless of Ability: Incorporate responsive design to ensure that content will scale and display properly on multiple devices, including screen readers. Use semantic code (e.g., tags like h1 and p), which helps screen readers differentiate between content sections. [...] [more] 
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tactics EEC: Achieving Accessibility in Email Marketing - For Developers [PDF]

Not everyone with a vision disability is unable to see. There are 253 million people worldwide who are visually impaired,8 and 320 million worldwide who are colorblind.9 Those with dyslexia, who comprise up to 20% of the global population,10 and other reading-related disabilities also encounter considerable hurdles when faced with text-heavy, misaligned emails. Older populations that experience myopia and may require glasses are also impacted by similar challenges. Consider the following best [...] [more] 
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discussion 2019 eec awards

Want tips for this year’s awards season? Check out our recent Award winners’ webinar: Taking Advantage of the Promise of Interactive Emails or view the PowerPoint presented by 2018 eec award winners – Chad S. White and Alice Li – and eec Award Subcommittee Leaders Shanon Strahl and Mark Talley. The Email Experience Council is accepting nominations for individuals who represent the best and brightest in the email marketing industry. Nominating your email marketing hero is free and easy. The eec will [...] [more]
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mobile iOS 10: What it means for email marketing

With the recent release of iOS 10 comes a new “feature” to the native mail app – a grey bar at the top of every email that tells consumers if an email message is from a mailing list, with a link to easily unsubscribe. This isn’t the firsappe1t time Apple has made moves to limit the amount of marketing messages iPhone users see. In 2015 with the introduction of iOS9, Apple sparked controversy over allowing users to download ad blockers for Safari. Apple also introduced a “Limit Ad Tracking” feature [...] [more]
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discussion Congrats to eec Award Winners Jeanne Jones and David Baker!

The email-marketing industry will honor two of its most accomplished members in New Orleans on March 31 when the Email Experience Council (eec) presents the 2016 Stefan Pollard Email Marketer of the Year Award to Jeanne Jones of Alaska Airlines and the 2016 eec Thought Leader of the Year award to David Baker of Cordial.io. [...] [more]
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law eec Global Email Marketing Compliance Guide [PDF]

Do you know the key global email and data protection regulations across all of the continents? The eec Advocacy Subcommittee has put together this easy-to-use guide that provides a quick look-up matrix of countries by email compliance requirements. It currently covers over 75 jurisdictions – future updates may cover additional jurisdictions. You can navigate the multitude of international anti-spam laws, consent and opt-out requirements as well as which types of email messages are covered. It serves [...] [more]
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discussion Top 3 Reasons to Submit Nominations for the EEC Awards

You really want to submit nominations but you’re thinking to yourself, “I just got done working this crazy holiday season, and my in-laws finally went home. Can’t I just relax?” Sure you can. We promise it won’t take long, and there are lots of good reasons to contribute your nominations. Maybe this will motivate you. Consider these top three reasons to submit your nominations. [...] [more]
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antispam Global Mailbox Providers Deploying DMARC to Protect Users

The Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance (DMARC) specification has proven its value in combating fraudulent email since its introduction three and a half years ago. Thousands of companies use it to prevent billions of messages fraudulently using their Internet domains from reaching inboxes, thereby protecting their customers and employees from phishing and other abuse. And now two of the largest mailbox providers in the world – Google and Yahoo [...] [more]
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discussion Email Insights from DMA’s &THEN Conference

Re-engagement is the road to a leaner but much more engaged list of subscribers. One company, Rose Brand, looked at their list and ran a re-engagement campaign that focused on users with limited engagement from 12–18 months. Marketing coordinator Anna Klimczuk said that once they removed non-responders, the resulting list performed markedly better and yielded a higher ROI per user. And when you consider the advice from Gmail’s postmaster, Sri Somanchi, this is not only a good business choice, it’s a [...] [more]
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tactics Test These Email Campaign Elements to Optimize Performance

In fact, a study from Marketing Sherpa found that most marketers routinely test at least four different email campaign elements: Which of these should you pay attention to? What are the most important email elements to test? Usually, the answer is in finding the right combination and optimizing over time. Let’s take a look at the top five. Subject line. Message Format. Layout and images. Call-to-Action. Day of week sent. [more]
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 tactics Email Evolution Conference 2011 Presentations [PDF]

16x presentations from the EEC11 as PDFs. Get them while they are hot. EEC11: Don't Say Goodbye - Use Engagement to Win Back Your Subscribers, EEC11: How Social and Mobile are Changing Email Design, EEC11: Dive Deep Into Targeted Email by Location, Recency & Creativity, ... [more]
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