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tactics Six case studies of machine-learning powered email marketing

Machine learning has changed the game for email marketers. Here are some case studies from brands and vendors using AI for email. [...] [more]
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law GDPR: 15 good & bad examples of repermissioning campaigns [GFX]

The most important things to consider when constructing an email campaign are whether your privacy policy is well written, whether the consent mechanism you choose conforms to the definition of consent in the GDPR, and how to keep a record of these new consents (when, how, what etc.). On to the examples! [...] [more]
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tactics Seven email strategies used by retailers on Black Friday

When you're inbox is flooded, it can be a job in itself to separate the wheat from the chaff, with most emails perhaps more worthy of the trash rather than your attention. So, did any retailers manage to pique my interest this year? Here’s a run-down of some Black Friday emails to hit my inbox, categorised by strategy, and what impact they might have on consumers. [...] [more]
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discussion Emojis in email subject lines: smiley face, or smiley poop?

Emojis are in lots of subject lines these days. But do they work? We get asked this question all the time. Here’s what we learned about emojis by looking at >1.5m subject lines. Should we Emoji… or should we eNOji? Ever since the Oxford English Dictionary named the “Laughing face with tears of joy” as the word of the year in 2015, marketers have been all about emojis. And so you see them everywhere, because just because you can do it… you should do it. Right? [...] [more]
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law GDPR requires privacy by design, but what is it and how can marketers comply?

Privacy by design is a fairly old concept in systems engineering and its general meaning is pretty obvious. Wikipedia describes it as "not about data protection" but rather "designing so data doesn't need protection," with the "root principle based on enabling service without data control transfer from the citizen to the system" (i.e. the citizen is not identifiable or recognizable). [...] [more]
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discussion Focus on GDPR, but ignore e-Privacy at your peril

With so much noise surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the equally impactful e-Privacy regulation seems to have been forgotten about. It might only be a draft regulation at the moment, but it is due to be enacted in May 2018. So, what is this regulation and why do marketers need to pay careful heed to its contents? Let’s get started with what the e-Privacy regulation is The e-Privacy Regulation is a complementary piece of European legislation to the GDPR. It is designed to addr [...] [more]
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law GDPR: How to create best practice privacy notices (with examples) [GFX]

There are a number of factors to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that from May 2018 will change how companies communicate with users and process their personal information. One fundamental factor is privacy notices – how organisations explain at the point of data collection what users can expect will happen to their data. In this article, we'll dig into the topic of privacy notices more deeply, and present some best practice examples that appear to comply with the GDPR. [...] [more]
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tactics GDPR: 10 examples of best practice UX for obtaining marketing consent [GFX]

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to come into force in May 2018, there are already lots of resources out there to help guide you towards compliance. However, there are fewer articles that point to companies who are already exhibiting best practice. So, I'm going to attempt to round up examples that already seem to comply with aspects of the GDPR. [...] [more]
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tactics GDPR: 10 rules for getting email unsubscribes right

The penalties for making it hard to unsubscribe include damaging customer relations and brand reputation, getting reported to the authorities, receiving fines, but most likely and perhaps most dangerous of all - being marked as SPAM (unsolicited mail) by recipients. In this article, I'll give you 11 rules to help make it easy for email subscribers to opt out and keep you on the right side of customers, the law, regulators, ISPs and email providers. First, some perspective... [...] [more]
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discussion How marketers are innovating with email in 2017

While automation remains high on the agenda, the majority of email marketers cited an increased focus on creative uses of behavioural triggers, as well as greater use of dynamic elements such as video, content and GIFs in emails. This tallies with the long-held focus on making the inbox experience more engaging through improvements in the design and relevance of emails – taking both content and context into consideration for the greatest level of success. Similarly, the development of a mobile-[...] [more]
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tactics Cart abandonment emails: Creating content that maximises conversions [GFX]

Though cart abandonment emails continue to be a hot topic, more focus needs to be placed on how marketers can build more impactful emails to prompt the right consumer actions. Simply activating an automated email with some lines of copy and a link back to a site is not an enough to lure consumers away from their busy lives and complete an action a retailer wants him/her to take. [...] [more]
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strategy How CRM and a DMP can combine to give a 360-degree view of the customer

For years, marketers have been talking about building a bridge between their existing customers, and the potential or yet-to-be-known customer. Until recently, the two have rarely been connected. Agencies have separate marketing technology, data and analytics groups. Marketers themselves are often separated organizationally between “CRM” and “media” teams - sometimes even by a separate P&L. [...] [more]
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discussion Nike vs. adidas vs. Under Armour: Email signup & welcome [GFX]

Nike, adidas and Under Armour. Sworn enemies. I'm going to rank the three on their email signup visibility, value offer and velocity, as well as the content in their welcome emails. By the end, we will have crowned a winner. 1. Visibility. Nike - Signup visibility Nike barely promotes its email signup function at all, with a solitary link in the footer beneath the store finder on desktop (see below). [...] [more]
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discussion 12 examples of early Christmas marketing from online retailers [GFX]

Halloween isn't even over, but many online retailers just can’t wait to get going with their Christmas marketing campaigns. Some are so impatient, they’ve already gone into full on festive-mode. Here’s a look at how 12 online retailers are currently promoting Christmas on-site, via email and social. [...] [more]
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discussion Dark social: It's worse than we thought in Asia-Pacific

Though we have mentioned dark social before, new research shows that the problem is worse than previously thought, especially in Asia-Pacific and Australia. Here's why. Dark social exists because the web works by passing information from the source of a click to the destination site. That is, from a marketer's perspective, every time a user clicks through to your website to download a web page, the user's browser also sends a string to the site. [...] [more]
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