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tactics Abandoned Cart Email Templates & Tips

When you send out the abandoned cart email is the first and most important aspect to consider. Sending out the first email to remind online shoppers of an abandoned cart within 60 minutes is believed to bring in the highest conversions. This can be followed by another email after 24 hours, and a last and final one 3-4 days later. [...] [more]
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strategy Holiday Marketing Tips You Need to Know [VID]

The holidays are the biggest spending season of the year. Are you prepared to claim your piece of the pie? Watch our webinar below for our best holiday marketing tips, including: 1. How to create an irresistible holiday offer; 2. A simple and effective plan to promote it; 3. Example email marketing and social media promotions. [...] [more]
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 tactics 30 Creative Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing [GFX]

In 2015, email marketing drove 20 percent of online holiday sales. Do you know what you’re sending your email subscribers this holiday season? Whether you want to drive online sales, boost year-end donations, or get shoppers into your store this holiday season, email marketing can help. Start with the perfect holiday email template. Then, customize your message to show off your unique products, services, or mission. [...] [more]
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stats Subscriber Email Domain and Industry are Major Factors in Email Open Rates [PDF]

ntil today, open rates, traditionally the benchmark metric for email campaign performance, have been a bit of a mystery. A study by Constant Contact -compiled from analysis of the more than 100 billion customer emails sent from Constant Contact in 2014 and 2015— reveals that sending more personalized email campaigns can result in open rates being lifted by nearly 150 percent. [...] [more]
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mobile 4 Easy Ways to Create Mobile-Friendly Email Buttons

I think we can all agree that at times, trying to click on a link, if you’re on a smartphone or tablet, can be a frustrating experience. If you don’t agree, than you probably haven’t tried it. (Either that or you know something that the rest of us do not, so please feel free to share.) With so many brands still using websites and emails designed for desktops, where people have the convenience of using a mouse rather than the tip of their finger, consumers like you and I have had to deal with a less [...] [more]
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tactics Do You Know Why People Are Unsubscribing From Your Emails?

et’s be honest, no one enjoys having people unsubscribe from their email contact list. With all the work you put into growing your list and the time you spend designing, creating, and sending emails—it’s never fun when someone decides to say thanks but no thanks. But while losing contacts is something we all dread, it’s also a reality we all must accept. Whether you’re an email marketing expert, with years of experience and thousands of contacts on your list or a business owner who’s just getting [...] [more]
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tactics 5 Things You Can Learn From Louis C.K. – Email Marketer Extraordinaire

I’m a big fan of comedian Louis C.K., whether it’s his stand-up or his show, Louie. So, when I had the chance to buy a video of his stand-up act back in December, I jumped at the opportunity. Louie’s emails are more personal than emails I get from some family members. One of the most recent emails talks about his upcoming stand-up tour – and exactly what makes it so special: [...] [more]
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discussion Top 5 Takeaways from #MPEIS for Small Businesses

I was lucky enough to spend the past few days in beautiful, but cold, Park City, Utah, representing Constant Contact at the MediaPost Email Insider Summit . It's one of my favorite conferences of the year (just like the spring edition, held in Cap [more]
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