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strategy How Ladder Rebuilt Their Sales Email Automation from the Ground Up

As a growth marketing agency focused on driving ROI for businesses of all sizes and industries, Ladder is constantly focused on building and optimizing campaigns for our clients. From ads to emails, CRO to list building, and beyond, our focus is always on looking at performance and making data-driven decisions on what we do next. [...] [more]
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discussion The Impact of Outlook's Focused Inbox for Email Marketers

Organize your emails with Outlook’s focused inbox. Campaign Monitor shows how Outlook email will help your marketing campaign and organize chaotic inboxes. [...] [more]
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social How to Build Up Your Email Subscriber List on Facebook

When it comes to Facebook marketing, we usually recommend starting with powerful Dynamic Ads. They’re the fastest and easiest way towards positive ROI. However, there’s another powerful type of ad that can result in both immediate sales and build lifetime customer loyalty: Facebook Lead Ads. In this post, we’re going to cover what lead ads can do for your business. [...] [more]
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discussion The Best Email Marketing Campaigns of 2016 [GFX]

2016 was an incredible year for email marketing campaigns. Subscribers’ inboxes exploded with beautiful, animated, and interactive email campaigns that pushed the limits of design and made subscribers want to scroll, click, and engage. And our customers’ email marketing campaigns were nothing short of incredible. With that, we’re excited to reveal the Top 100 Email Marketing Campaigns of 2016, a hand-picked selection of our customers’ most effective, most original, and most inspiring campaigns. [...] [more]
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strategy A 20-Point Checklist for a Merry Email Marketing Season

Email marketing will play a major role in driving those sales for your business. In fact, last year, email marketing accounted for a quarter of online sales from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Here’s a 20-point holiday checklist to use throughout the season to make the most of your email marketing. [...] [more]
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discussion 10 Email Templates to Use This Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, now is the time that organizations are thinking about how they’ll leverage email marketing this year. Why? Because they know that email is still one of the best ways to reach customers, donors, and fans–and it drives spending. The National Retail Federation expects retail sales in November and December to increase a solid 3.6 percent to $655.8 billion. Online sales are forecast to increase between 7 and 10 percent over last year to as much as [...] [more]
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strategy 10 Tips for Merry Email Marketing

The holiday season is drawing near. Amidst the good tidings and cups of eggnog, there will be loads of gift giving, parties, and shopping. What’s a marketer to do when the holidays roll around? According to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, 60% of millennials say they “love” holiday shopping. In 2015, Black Friday had the highest revenue of any holiday for 68% of surveyed retailers. [...] [more]
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tactics Guide to Holiday Email Marketing [GFX]

See the guide to holiday email marketing. Campaign Monitor shows how to create holiday emails that resonate with your subscribers and drive revenue. [...] [more]
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tactics Gmail Update: A Closer Look at Google’s Rendering Refresh

Google has started rolling out their recently announced updates to their range of email clients. If you missed the big news, Google will now be supporting embedded stylesheets, including media queries, across all their clients, including Gmail on Android, iOS and webmail, Inbox on Android, iOS and webmail, and Google Apps webmail (now renamed G Suite). [...] [more]
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tactics 7 email hacks every developer should know

Learn different email hacks. Campaign Monitor shares a few email developers and their favorite email hacks to craft the perfect email. [...] [more]
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 tactics Responsive email support in Gmail is coming

We recently announced that we had worked on a fix for the lack of support for responsive design in email clients with the most prolific being Gmail. This lack of support by Gmail has long been the bane of our existence and many have shared their woes over the years. When we asked some of email marketing’s most influential players to make predictions about what this year had in store, Alex Williams predicted Gmail would fix its biggest flaw. That day is finally here. [...] [more]
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discussion 8 excellent email newsletters you can learn from [GFX]

Learn from different email newsletters. Campaign Monitor provides emails newsletter that teach us about creating and sending a unique newsletter. [...] [more]
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discussion Should You Say Goodbye to Inactive Subscribers?

Learn what to do with inactive email subscribers. Campaign Monitor offers a plan to segment inactive subscribers and keep email deliverability rates high. [...] [more]
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tactics 10 things you need to know about web fonts in email right now

Start implementing web fonts in your email campaigns. Campaign Monitor shows how to use web fonts in your emails to get your image to text ratio just right. [...] [more]
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discussion 5 Brands Crushing It with Email Marketing and Automation [GFX]

Today’s marketers are going beyond one-off emails. They’re using email marketing and automation to support their marketing strategies and are seeing results. These automated emails are personalized and relevant. They’re triggered by a subscriber’s actions or other conditions like time or a date, so relevant content gets delivered just when a subscriber wants and needs it. Today, we’re sharing 5 brands crushing it with email marketing and automation, as well as some lessons you can learn from them. [...] [more]
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