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discussion Email Marketing Strategy - 5 Shining Holiday Campaigns of 2013

In scouring the many messages I received during the holiday season madness, I found myself drawn to five creative examples of great campaigns for 2013! Check out my top favorites below: 1.Thanksgiving Social Message by Zulily [...] [more]
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tactics 2013 Holiday Email Lookbook [PDF]

Welcome to the 2013 Holiday Email Lookbook series! Throughout the next four weeks, I will bring you the best, brightest, and sometimes bizarre emails that I have seen during the previous week. You will find inspiration, have a laugh, or just enjoy a break from the chaotic holiday season. Check out the first volume of the 2013 Holiday Email Lookbook. [more] 
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mobile Responsive Design Provides the Perfect Fit [PDF]

Ensuring a seamless and functioning experience for consumers using mobile devices can be confusing. The minefield of buzzwords and silver-bullet solutions can make you want to throw your hands up in frustration. But don’t do that. Your smartphone probably will not survive the toss. [...] [more] 
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tactics New Gmail Inbox Layout: Tactics to Stand Out in the Inbox [GFX]

A few months ago, Gmail released it’s new inbox tab layout and boasted that this “new inbox” would put the end user back in control of their inbox. As Bronto’s Director of Deliverability pointed out in a recent blog post, there really isn’t too much cause for concern at this point. Bronto has closely monitored overall Gmail open rates both before and after the “tabs” switch and has yet to see a decline in Gmail open rates. Due to several factors such as: possibly low tabs adoption rates, the fact [...] [more]
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discussion Eventful Inbox: Animated Emails and Subscriber Expectations [GFX]

It's September and many retailers will be kicking off holiday 2013 soon. By now, your holiday promotions are probably locked down and photo assets are being finalized. As you are bringing everything together for some holiday magic, it's important to not leave email best practices under wraps. In this post, I want to highlight a couple tactics that I saw over the past month that will show up in consumers' overstuffed inboxes as the holiday start heating up. [...] [more]
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 discussion Eventful Inbox: August [GFX]

Yes, it's true. I have been actively opening each of the 6,000 or so emails I receive each month but, due to a busy summer, I have not been clicking as much. This has resulted in a few brands considering me inactive and dropping me from their lists. Somewhat shocking considering I have an active history with their brand and still open each email. PSA to revisit your definition of inactive subscribers. [...] [more]
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strategy Automated Lifecycle Campaigns: Set them up, but don’t forget them!

As marketers, it has been drilled into our heads how important it is to incorporate lifecycle marketing campaigns into our standard promotional email program, and if you have ever implemented these types of campaigns, you know it’s well worth it. [...] [more]
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tactics Make it rain: How to turn weather events into profits [GFX]

Weather conditions are often the first topic of conversation and can create a frame of mind as well. Read as Marketing Strategist Emily Keye walks through the basics of running a weather-related [...] [more]
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tactics Eventful Inbox: Email Design Dos and Don'ts [GFX]

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this case, the beholder is your email subscriber. You're lucky to get a second or more of your subscriber's attention once they open. Your emails have to be understood quickly, appealing at a quick glance and intuitive. This month, let's compare a few beauties and beasts. [...] [more]
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 tactics Unusual Holiday Campaigns That Give Your Emails Some Holiday Cheer [GFX]

Did you know July 2nd is not only my brother’s birthday, but also World UFO Day? I bet you're thinking to yourself, “This blog post is an unidentified flying something.” Well, you’re right! Last year I wrote about running a Christmas in July campaign to give your email program a little bit of holiday cheer. Of course you have Labor Day and back to school emails, but what if you want to stand out from the crowd and run something a little bit different this summer? I’d say, let’s do it! [...] [more]
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discussion Auto Opt-In Subscribers: An Email Deliverability Debate

Last week I purchased some cycling clothing from an online retailer and all was well until I started to receive marketing emails from them. While I did make a purchase, I did not sign up for marketing newsletters. It was also not clear that by making a purchase I would receive messages. Is it okay to send messages to individuals who didn't explicitly opt-in? Let's take a look at this scenario and how it can affect deliverability. [...] [more]
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strategy Email Marketing Strategy - 7 Tips for Browsing Behavior Trigger Messages

Abandon cart emails are great, they are triggered once someone has already started the buying process, placed something in their cart, then left your site . What if you could get ahead of that behavior and send messages triggered on where they browsed on your site? Guess what...you can! I haven’t seen these messages a ton, but I have seen them here and there and my guess is we’ll start seeing them more and more going forward as marketers try to think of new ways to drive revenue. [...] [more]
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stats April Eventful Inbox: Summer Emails Start Sizzling [GFX]

April Fools' Day. I attack my inbox every April 1st with the excitement of a kid on Christmas Day ready to unwrap every present under the tree. This is the day when you get to see major brands relax their strict promotional language and have some fun. Of course there were some outstanding April Fool's tricks but I was really bummed out by how many brands played it straight. [...] [more]
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tactics Email Marketing Strategy - Create Rockstar Calls to Action to Increase Revenue [GFX]

It’s important to note that emails are not and should not be considered a one-step conversion touch point. There are a number of factors that play into you being able to drive revenue through email marketing. For example, you need to cultivate a high quality email list and set clear expectations at the time of sign up, you must have captivating subject lines that grab attention, you need compelling, relevant content, and the list goes on and on. [...] [more]
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discussion Marketing Strategy - Don't Open Until...Never: How Google's Search Experiment Impacts Your Email Program

Imagine the next time you send an email your subject line reads like a product heading rather than one persuading the subscriber to open the message right there and then. And imagine the reason for doing so would be to target those who won’t necessarily open the email but rather archive it. While this does not seem like something that would be consistent with a successful email program it may be closer to reality than you think. Google is currently conducting a Gmail Search Field Trial and this may [...] [more]
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