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tactics Browse Abandonment Best Practices, Part 1

Cart abandonment emails are some of the most profitable messages you can send because they are relevant, based on real-time data, and target those already far along the purchase path. However, many marketers fail to consider how consumers actually made it that far to begin with. Think of how many shoppers don’t make it all the way to the cart. What are you doing to reach them and nurture them along to a purchase? [...] [more]
bronto.com    Automation, Conversionrate

strategy Take Control of Your Sending Frequency

With so many messages going out each day, consumers are becoming even more selective about the emails they open. How can you ensure that yours make the cut? [...] [more]
bronto.com    Frequency

strategy In With the Old for a Happy New Year

With the increasing focus on engagement, it's time to dust off a few tried and true email marketing strategies to help you and your subscribers have a happy 2018. [...] [more]
bronto.com    Customization, Listhygiene

discussion Break through the hype - uncover the reality of AI [PDF]

A growing number of commerce marketing software providers claim their systems use AI. But it can be difficult to know for sure what that means for your brand and how you can use it to market products and services more effectively to consumers. Does the rise of AI and related technologies signal a sea change in commerce marketing? In a word, yes. [...] [more] 
bronto.com    Intelligence

tactics Custom Product Feeds Power Personalization & Browse Recovery

What if, instead of using that category, you could recover an entire style? By adding a different attribute to your feed such as “collection” or “lifestyle,” you can redirect Browse Recovery or Recommendations Premium to instead show off that amazing dining room set and keep your recommendation results limited to that collection. Here are a few of my favorite product feed attributes, beyond the basics: 1. Availability – Isolate back-ordered and available products for inclusion or exclusion. [...] [more]
bronto.com    Customization

tactics Design and Models for a Personalized Product Recommendations Engine

Before discussing specific models, it’s important to know a bit about how we store and serve product data for the Bronto Marketing Platform. Our product service uses Solr to support efficient, scalable searches on products based on arbitrary product fields, and it stores data in Apache HBase as a master storage database. The product service already uses Solr to allow customers to search for products (either in the Bronto Marketing Platform user interface or in the Recommendations Standard app), so [...] [more]
bronto.com    Intelligence, Recommendation

tactics Quick Tips for Creating User-Friendly Web Forms

Forms can make or break the most crucial online interactions: checkout, registration, data input and any other task that requires the visitor to share information on your website. Forms that follow usability guidelines can improve accuracy, significantly decrease the time it takes for visitors to complete them, and ensure a smooth experience for them on your website. Here are a few tips for creating effective web forms: [...] [more]
bronto.com    Listbuilding

discussion A Look Back at 2016 Holiday Emails (US) [PDF]

Grabbing a shopper’s attention during the holiday season requires wit, whimsy and careful attention to timing. And that’s just what some of the best emails of the 2016 holiday season did. We reviewed thousands of emails sent between November 1 and the week before Christmas to find the best of the best – and a few noteworthy reminders of what not to do. In the “nice” column were creative GIFs, strong visuals and streamlined messages that made the offer easy to understand. In the “naughty” column, [...] [more] 
bronto.com    Event, Gallery

discussion A Look Back at 2016 Holiday Emails (UK) [PDF]

Grabbing a shopper’s attention during the busy weeks leading up to Christmas requires wit, whimsy and careful attention to timing. And that’s just what some of the best emails of the 2016 season did. Animation, personalisation and lots of opportunities to click through were some of the highlights of the thousands of 2016 Christmas emails from the UK that we reviewed. [...] [more] 
bronto.com    Event, Gallery

discussion Is Google Trying to Kill the Mobile Pop-Up?

Pop-ups and interstitials will still be allowed on the desktop version without penalty, which is good news for retailers looking to grow their subscriber file while still using these methods. But if you didn’t think providing customers with a smooth, mobile-first experience was absolutely critical before, it certainly is now. If you would like to see how mobile-friendly your website currently is, Google has a quick and easy tool for that. While there’s still plenty of time to prepare before January, [...] [more]
bronto.com    Listbuilding, Mobile

tactics Using Social in Your Email Marketing [GFX]

See how to effectively combine your email marketing and social media strategies to encourage customer engagement and offer a better user experience. [...] [more]
bronto.com    Gallery, Social

tactics Spread the L-O-V-E This Valentine's Day

This holiday has a little something for every type of retailer. It’s all about how you pitch it. I’ve seen anti-Valentine’s Day parodies that encourage singles to celebrate themselves. Some even go as far as celebrating their pets (guilty)! In this Millennial Age, where one could argue that technology often replaces organic relationships, the opportunities for marketers are endless. Here are some easy-peasy tips and reminders for making your Valentine’s Day email marketing successful:S [...] [more]
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tactics Holiday Oops Emails: Tis the Season to Be Prepared [GFX]

Some of the most common reasons for sending an oops email include: Typos. An incorrect subject line. A slow site or checkout process. Broken links or your site not working as it should. The wrong promo code or a code that’s not working [...] [more]
bronto.com    Gallery

tactics Troubleshooting iPhone 6 Email Design Challenges

It’s been two months since the newest versions of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus came out, and I’m still hearing about email display issues that are creating ongoing problems for email marketers. My clients have shown me a variety of snags they’re facing, and I have to admit that after my 5S took a dip in the Atlantic and I upgraded to the 6, I’ve noticed other retailers with sub-par email displays, too. If you’re having problems, take a deep breath. You’re not alone. Here’s what you need to know about [...] [more]
bronto.com    Design, Mobile

 discussion 2014 Holiday Email Marketing Lookbook Series [PDF]

Lookbook 1: The lead up to Black Friday. Lookbook 2: Black Friday, Cyber Monday and “last day” sales. Lookbook 3: Post-Black Friday and the final holiday shopping push. Lookbook 4: Final weeks of the holiday season. [...] [more]
bronto.com    Event, Gallery
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