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stats E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmark 2020 [PDF]

Die Reports desInxmail E-Mail-Marketing-Benchmark 2020 geben Aufschluss über den Mailingversand, Öffnungs-und Klickraten sowie die effektive Klickrate. Zudem untersucht die Studie Merkmale zur Listenhygiene anhand der Bouncerateund vergleicht die Lesegewohnheiten auf Basis der verwendeten E-Mail-Clients. Der Benchmark geht dabei auf Unterschiede der Zielgruppen B2B sowie B2C ein und liefert einen umfassenden Branchenvergleich. Zudem enthält die Studie zahlreiche Tipps für Marketer, um ihre Kampagnen [...] [more] 
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discussion Microsoft brings Inbox Tabs to Outlook on the web

Included in the available tabs are Focused Inbox, Microsoft’s “Priority Inbox” clone, along with Promotions, Social, and Newsletters. When you choose your tabs and click Save, you’re presented with your new inbox with the allocated tabs plus the category “Other” for anything that doesn’t fall under the chosen groupings. [...] [more]
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stats mail & Mobile Benchmark Report Q1 2020

Email volume usually slumps in February, only to bounce back in March. But this year, it rose more slowly than it did in the same period in 2019, reflecting the impact of COVID-19, according to Email & Mobile Benchmark Report Q1, a study by Cheetah Digital. Based on an index value of 100, February volume dropped by 5.5% from January in each year, then rose by a lesser degree than the 7% reported in 2019, reflecting metrics The overall click-to-open rate fell to 11.1%, a 5.7% decline from the same [...] [more]
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stats eco: Digital Marketing Trends 2020 [PDF]

E-Mail-Marketing ist auch in diesem Jahr der Kanal, welcher am Wenigsten von Budgetkürzungen betroffen ist. Nur drei Prozent der Befragten geben an, dieses Jahr weniger in ihre E-Mail-Kommunika-tion investieren zu wollen [...] [more] 
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strategy YouTube Video Builder launches to enable businesses to create video clips

YouTube Video Builder is the easy to use video creation tool which takes still images and creates on brand short video clips, perfect for video email and Google Ads [...] [more]
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law Bestandskundenwerbung – aus Sicht der Datenschutzbehörde

Immer wieder äußern sich die Datenschutzbehörden der Länder zum Thema E-Mail-Werbung und geben ihre Sicht auf die Dinge kund. Dabei finden sich die zentralen Regelungen gar nicht in den Datenschutzgesetzen, sondern in § 7 des Gesetzes gegen den unlauteren Wettbewerb (UWG). Insofern stellen sich Zuständigkeitsfragen. Für die Praxis des E-Mail-Marketing lohnt sich ein Blick auf die Tätigkeitsberichte der Aufsichtsbehörden gleichwohl. Denn nach wie vor halten sich Gerüchte zur allgemeinen Zulässigkeit [...] [more]
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discussion Coronavirus Has Opened the Corporate Email Floodgates

The email deluge raises questions about marketing practices as nonessential businesses closed shops and storefronts amid the spread of the new coronavirus. [...] [more]
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strategy The Complete Overview to Crisis Email Marketing and the Coronavirus

Back in stock: Customer buying behavior changes. Communicate honestly, let customers know when products are out of stock and come back in stock. Provide an back in stock alert option. Open communication builds trust. Rely more on your database: Continue to build your list, certainly now. An easy sign-up process and multiple sign up options are in place to turn web visitors into subscribers. Your database is an asset, emphasize list growth to compensate reduced ad spend / conversions. [...] [more]
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tactics Animated GIFs in Email Are Worse Than Static Emails

When we asked people to select three words from a list of positive and negative terms, respondents selected more positive reaction words and fewer negative reaction words for the emails with static images compared to those that had animated images. On average, an email with animation received 1.7 negative words and 1.3 positive words, whereas an email without animation received 1.2 negative words and 1.8 positive words. Both these differences were statistically significant at p < 0.005. [...] [more]
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law Can we contact our customers and clients and to notify them of COVID-19 related information?

As most organizations are aware, Canada’s anti-spam law (“CASL”) prohibits sending commercial electronic messages (e.g. email and SMS) unless consent is obtained and other requirements are met. With that said, CASL applies only to electronic messages that encourage participation in a commercial activity (e.g. the direct or indirect solicitation of business). It is noteworthy that CASL will also apply to a message that has a combined purpose of both soliciting business and providing COVID-19 related [...] [more]
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tactics Beware of Virtue Signaling or Outright Greed in Brand Communications About COVID-19

Launch your COVID-19-themed marketing email campaign only if you can answer yes to four questions: Am I telling customers something different from other brands versus saying the same thing as everyone else? Am I telling customers something they don’t already expect of my company or brand? Is the WIIFM conspicuous in the subject line and opening paragraph? And, most importantly, is the WIIFM attuned to your customers needs right now? [...] [more]
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law BGH fragt EuGH zur Zulässigkeit von Inbox-Werbung

Der Bundesgerichtshof hatte zu darüber entscheiden, ob es zulässig ist, in der Inbox von Freemailer-Kunden Werbeanzeigen einzublenden, die (nur) auf den ersten Blick so aussehen, als seien es E-Mails, letztlich aber klar als Werbung zu erkennen sind. Eine Einwilligung in diese Werbung liegt natürlich nicht vor, es handelt sich ja auch nicht um eingehende Werbe-E-Mails, sondern eben von AdServern eingespielte Werbebanner. Der BGH hat offenbar Sympathien für die Ansicht, dass sich solche Werbung an den [...] [more]
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discussion Why no one is reading your coronavirus emails

Todd Rogers writes that if you are writing a coronavirus email, you need to remember that messages should be as easy to understand as possible. This means writing in the most accessible way possible, keeping it short and using large font sizes. [...] [more]

law E-Mail-Marketing und die DSGVO: Ist das Kopplungsverbot Vergangenheit?

Gutscheine oder andere Incentives werden von Unternehmen gerne eingesetzt, um mehr Abonnenten für ihren E-Mail-Verteiler zu gewinnen. Mit dem In-Kraft-Treten der DSGVO gab es aber mit Blick auf das Kopplungsverbot eine große Unsicherheit: Ist es überhaupt zulässig, solche “Freebies” an ein Opt-In zu koppeln? Das OLG Frankfurt hat hierzu ein Urteil gefällt, das E-Mail-Marketer freuen dürfte. [...] [more]
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tactics COVID-19 Language and Communication Resource Center

First and foremost, the Covid-19 outbreak is a human crisis and that should be a first order principle guiding messaging. The outbreak is a fast changing and dynamic situation and people are looking to the sources they trust for information, reassurance, and effective communication. Brand purpose – and customers’ experiences with a brand – matter more now than ever. The language you use can reinforce trust or erode it. To help navigate the days, weeks and months ahead, we’re providing these resources [...] [more]
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