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tactics "The more tests, the better!" and other A/B testing myths, debunked

It’s 2017, and most marketers understand the importance of A/B testing. The strategy of applying the scientific method to marketing to prove whether an idea will have a positive impact on your bottom-line is no longer novel. But, while the practice of A/B testing has become more and more common, too many marketers still buy into pervasive A/B testing myths. #AlternativeFacts. [...] [more]
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tactics The top 3 mistakes that make your A/B test results invalid

The results were good, the hypotheses strong, everything seemed to be in order… until I looked at the log of changes in their testing tool. I noticed several blunders: in some experiments, they had adjusted the traffic allocation for the variations mid-experiment; some variations had been paused for a few days, then resumed; and experiments were stopped as soon as statistical significance was reached. [...] [more]
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tactics Putting A/B testing to the test

A/B Test: Does regional personalization increase relevance? If referencing the visitor’s page intent creates a more relevant experience and higher revenue, then what if we pushed relevance even further? WiderFunnel has tested personalized experiences in many different scenarios and found the results to be variable. We were curious to see whether geographic personalization would work in this situation. [...] [more]
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tactics Conversion Testing on Email Landing Pages? Who Knew It Could Lift Revenue per Visitor THIS Much: 41%!

Each day (yes, each day!) management sends an email to its significant opt-in email list promoting a different wine selection, which ships for just 99 cents. Savvy marketers that they are, they have run extensive testing on its email campaigns. But then they realized they were missing a key component in their optimization efforts: the post click experience on the “Wine of the Day” landing page! [more]
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