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discussion Astro is an AI-powered email client with big dreams

If there’s one source of technological frustration at work, it’s email. Getting a job done often still relies on sending chains of messages back and forth to the extent that it would be nice to have an assistant to help deal with it all. That’s the idea behind Astro, a new app that applies artificial intelligence to email in an attempt to make life easier for its users. Its marquee feature is Astrobot, a chatbot powered by machine learning that’s designed to keep users abreast of what’s important in [...] [more]
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 discussion Microsoft is quietly recycling Outlook email accounts

The Microsoft Services Agreement mentions that users are required to log in to their Microsoft accounts "periodically, at a minimum of every 270 days, to keep the Microsoft branded services portion of the services active." Otherwise "we may cancel your access" and "your data may be permanently deleted from our servers." [more]
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