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tactics Get more clicks for your email marketing by reducing perceived cost

To help you increase the clickthrough rate of your email marketing, here’s a nine-point checklist for minimizing your recipients’ perceived cost of clicking in your emails. This checklist is from the Email Messaging online certification course taught by MECLABS Institute (MarketingSherpa’s parent research organization). You can click here to download a PDF of the Email Click Cost Force Checklist (no form fill required, instant download), and I will walk through the checklist step-by-step in this blog [...] [more]
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discussion Marketing 101: What is a squeeze page?

Marketing has a language all its own. This is our latest in a series of posts aimed at helping new marketers learn that language. What term do you find yourself explaining most often to new hires during onboarding? Let us know. A squeeze page is an interstitial page with a form. In other words, if you link to a piece of content your prospective customers want, this is the page they get first. This page asks them for more information before they can get that content. The squeeze page is the tollbooth [...] [more]
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strategy How to integrate transparency into the process for quicker turnarounds, better emails and fewer mistakes

With these proven tips, you'll stop wasting time fixing rookie email mistakes and stay focused on the tough stuff: brainstorming creative, action-driven emails! Email marketing starts with a process — do you have all your pieces of the puzzle to ensure you create top-notch email content? [...] [more]
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strategy The argument for sending your customers non-transactional emails in two case studies

we split 2,400 consumers into two groups. We asked half of the respondents to name a company they were satisfied with, and we asked the other 1,200 to name a company they were unsatisfied with. The most popular response from satisfied customers — 42% of respondents — said that their chosen company’s marketing puts their needs before its business goals. For unsatisfied customers, the most popular responses — 30% of respondents in each case — were that the company they were unsatisfied with [...] [more]
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strategy Choosing an email service provider to fit your needs in 4 steps

As one of the most commonly outsourced services, an ESP (email service provider) can be a great asset to a marketing team. Choosing the wrong one, however, can slow projects and inhibit email creativity, as well as cause issues with subscribers. Finding the best ESP for your company means more than just wandering out into the marketplace with a wad of cash. It’s about understanding what your team — and your customers — uniquely need from the email marketing channel. [...] [more]
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strategy How a U.K. toy company used behavioral marketing to triple email revenue and increase returning shoppers by 60%

With customers traditionally only buying toys twice a year — birthdays and Christmas — it’s especially important to get in front of them with relevant products during those times. In order to do that, The Entertainer Toy Shop focused on its email marketing efforts to reach customers with the most relevant products possible. Read how they were able to triple email revenue, see a 120% increase in mobile sales, and see a 60% increase in return [...] [more]
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strategy Getting off the Blacklist: How a publishing company cleaned and optimized its database to increase online revenue 8% [VID]

In this quick takeaway session, Laz Tyrekidis, Digital Marketing and Audience Director, Metropolis International, shares how his team overcame the biggest obstacle to the company’s success — a deliverability blacklist that resulted in no email marketing activity or online revenue through this channel for two months. Tyrekidis set out to ensure email deliverability, optimize the email database and enhance online performance across all 24 B2B brands. He set up a plan featuring six action points that [...] [more]
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tactics How triggered email sends helped grow ecommerce 53% for Zachys Wine & Liquor

A third-generation family-owned wine merchant, Zachys Wine & Liquor was mostly focused on offline retail. In 2013, the marketing team began optimizing online shopping for its customers, with triggered emails based on behavior as the cornerstone of that shift. See how they were able to grow ecommerce by 53% while starting three triggered campaigns to help reclaim cart, browse and search abandoners. [...] [more]
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tactics Subscriber list grows 68% with holiday ebook giveaway for digital content marketers

With a fledgling weekly newsletter’s growth becoming stagnant, the team at HealthiNation decided to leverage existing content into a holiday ebook with recipe videos in order to engage new and current subscribers. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, the team at HealthiNation grew their subscriber list by 68% by offering visitors an interactive ebook featuring holiday recipes in exchange for their email address. [...] [more]
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strategy How NakedWines.com used email to maximize lifetime value [VID]

NakedWines.com is driven by a desire to cut out the middle-man in wine purchasing. Customers are able to order wine directly from the makers, and the makers are able to connect directly with their consumers. The way they have accomplished this is by establishing a community of customers and "Angel" members who support independent wine makers in return for access to hand-crafted wine at a lower cost. After launching in the U.S. in 2012, the company focused mainly on growth. [...] [more]
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social How WeddingWire lifted re-pins from email 31% through testing [VID]

“Our subscribers are very active, they really engage with our content … but one thing that’s really important to highlight with our audience … was how quickly they went to mobile,” said Bart Thornburg, Senior Email Marketing Manager, WeddingWire, adding that the brand crossed the 50/50 threshold in 2012. The team at WeddingWire wanted to increase the brand's presence on the social media site Pinterest, which is known for having a strong wedding planning community. Specifically, they wanted to increas [...] [more]
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tactics Automated abandonment campaigns drive up conversion 67%

fter issues with a cart abandonment campaign sending the wrong information to customers, Golfsmith marketers reviewed an email program to optimize it, and were able to identify shoppers who browsed one or more products multiple times without completing a purchase. By creating an automated, triggered email campaign, the team was able to re-engage shoppers with the products they interacted with, and increase conversion by 67%. [...] [more]
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stats Chart: How personally relevant is retail email to different shopper types?

Discover the results of a study of 1,112 U.S. consumers' perceptions of retail email relevance. Since email is the most widely used marketing method, marketers are facing fierce competition for their customers' attention in the inbox. This week, we look at how different shopper types perceive retail email as personally relevant, and how marketers can increase email relevance by building customer personas. [more]
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tactics 6 steps to re-engaging subscribers and cleaning your list database

If many of your email addresses are undeliverable or people are marking you as spam, your email reputation suffers. You could be causing yourself to be flagged as spam in your customer’s inboxes — and that won’t get your campaigns very far. To get your list back to a healthy state and stay that way, we’ve outline six steps for your team to take. [...] [more]
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tactics How integrating original blog content spurred a 145% engagement increase

When United Capital, a private financial life management company out of Newport Beach, California, rebranded its weekly newsletter to focus on the prospect journey, the included content also needed a different focus. Read how by integrating original content authored by internal subject matter experts, instead of including only curated content, the digital marketing team was able to increase newsletter engagement by 145% in one year. [...] [more]
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