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tactics Preheader testing: +30% open rate for trade journal

“Most email clients nowadays pull and display a preview text in addition to the sender (or ‘from’) name and subject line of an email. While all inbox fields are fertile ground for optimization and A/B testing, optimizing preheader snippet is frequently a quick win,” Laz Tyrekidis, Digital Marketing and Audience Director, Metropolis Business Media, said. [...] [more]
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tactics Email Preheaders Tested: The surprising sensitivity of a single line of text

This MarketingExperiments Blog post tackles a topic that hasn’t been heavily covered – the impact of email preheaders on clickthrough and open rates. Because there isn’t much empirical research on the topic, the MarketingExperiments team conducted a couple of A/B tests to find out how preheaders affect email performance. Read on to find out the results. [...] [more]
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tactics Email Marketing: Subject line test increases open rate by 10%

Every year, MarketingSherpa holds its annual Email Awards as a showcase to recognize marketers who designed email campaigns that exceeded expectations. Read to learn more about how one gold medal winner used a subject line test to increase open rate by 10%. [...] [more]
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tactics Webinar Email Testing: 2.7% increase in CTR from extremely simple change

We wanted to see if we could add the international time without increasing friction for our American audience. To the split test! The control was a traditional MarketingExperiments Web clinic invite. Treatment. Fortunately, I had an international expert on my team to create the treatment. John Tackett, Editorial Analyst, MECLABS, has lived in countries that use UTC (and also confirmed that non-American countries do, in fact, exist). So, he did the math and added one simple line to the treatment: the [...] [more]
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 tactics Subject Lines Tested [Webinar-Recording] [VID]

At MarketingExperiments.Com, researchers test marketing programs to see if they really work. The site features unbiased data on: pay search engines, free-for-all link programs, ezines, web awards, free classifieds, affiliate programs, banner ads, or web cards, email promo., Effective subject lines can significantly impact the clickthrough rate of a marketing email. In this Web clinic replay, we provide a checklist for improving subject lines. [more]
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 tactics Subject Line Test: 125% more unique clickthroughs

A few weeks ago, we asked the MarketingExperiments blog community and the Copyblogger community for help on a subject line test. Today we’ll look at the process we went through, the results, and what you can learn from it all. And the winner is — “Do your landing pages pass this test?” written by Christine Parizo. As you can see in the below screenshot from the MECLABS Test Protocol, Christine’s subject line generated a 125.9% higher unique clickthrough rate than the worst-performing subject line of [...] [more]
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tactics Marketing Research: Top email elements to test

This research chart, from the MarketingSherpa 2011 Email Marketing Advanced Practices Handbook, packs a lot of interesting information in a small amount of space, so let’s break down just the most common, most effective and easiest elements to test … Most common element to test – subject line (e.g., phrasing, length). Not surprisingly, the subject line is the most common element to test. According to MarketingSherpa research, 72% of marketers test the subject line. As you can see in the chart, subjectt[...] [more]
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 tactics [Webinar] Minor Changes, Major Lifts - Dr. Flint McGlaughlin [VID]

In our research, we’ve come across a few ways to help you answer this question. In this Web clinic replay, you’ll learn: The two most impactful elements to test on your page, 5 common headline errors to avoid, 5 common call-to-action errors to avoid. PLUS LIVE OPTIMIZATION: Dr. McGlaughlin and a team of our researchers also helped the live audience apply what they learned to their own pages with the Live Optimization session in the clinic. [more]
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tactics Email Marketing: 10 test ideas for optimizing webinar invites

While webinars are one of the most popular inbound tactics, they are not very effective if no one attends. So in this blog post, Gaby Paez and Daniel Burstein will give you some test ideas for those all important webinar invite emails (and if you?d like to see how we craft our own webinar invite emails, just sign up) by reviewing a live optimization submission from The Chronicle of Philanthropy. [more]
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 tactics Webinar-Rec: Copywriting Framework [VID]

View the clinic replay, or listen to the audio recording (mp3), to learn from our researchers as they discuss how to write copy with a step-by-step framework. [more]
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 tactics Half the words, 16% higher clickthrough rate

Treatment #1: How can I “learn more” when there’s not much left to learn? Treatment #2: Don’t make me read when you want me to click. Clearly, this audience wanted to learn more about IADC 2011, as both treatments performed exceedingly well. The short copy generated a 16.9% higher clickthrough rate (40.19% vs. 34.38%), with an average test clickthrough rate of 37.34%, and a confidence level of 95% [more]
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 tactics The MarketingExperiments Quarterly Research Journal [PDF]

At MarketingExperiments.Com, researchers test marketing programs to see if they really work. The site features unbiased data on: pay search engines, free-for-all link programs, ezines, web awards, free classifieds, affiliate programs, banner ads, or web cards, email promo. [more]
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 tactics Webinar-Rec: Crafting an Engaging Email Message [VID]

During the presentation, Dr. Flint McGlaughlin reviewed an email message that applied this principle to generate 85% more recipient response. He then taught specifically on how to engage email recipients with just enough value to inspire them to click. [more]
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