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tactics It's Time for Cross-Channel Campaigns

The holiday season is upon us. Many retailers have already started to ramp up their email deployment schedules, which is a key tactic to making your Q4 revenue goals. However, it's important to remember that just sending more emails alone isn't a strategy - you need to consider when and what to send - and which channel to deliver it to. [...] [more]
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discussion A Total Eclipse of The Inbox: Using a Natural Phenomenon in Your Email Marketing [GFX]

Did you see the amazing total solar eclipse? Here in PA we only got a partial eclipse, but it was still absolutely stunning. This was the first total solar eclipse visible in the contiguous United States since 1979 and will be one of history’s most widely document eclipses. And get this: in order to chase the eclipse across the nation, you would’ve had to travel roughly 2,400 mph! [...] [more]
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discussion Email Design: 9 Apps and Plugins to Streamline Your Design Process

When it comes to email design, time is extremely important – especially as you ramp up for the holidays. We want to create gorgeous, user-friendly designs, but we don’t want to take forever doing it. That’s where apps and plugins come in handy! Here at Listrak, our creative services team spends each day crafting beautiful emails for our clients with the aid of our favorite apps and plugins. Not only do they help us design awesome emails, but they also save us time! Our team is constantly sharing new [...] [more]
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strategy Convergence of Personalization, Lifecycle Marketing and Channels [GFX]

The customer journey is on longer linear. While some consumers opt-in to an email list the first time they visit a site when they’re still in the awareness or consideration phase, many others subscribe during the checkout process – either online or at your physical location. [...] [more]
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strategy Listrak 2016 Holiday Strategy Guide [PDF]

There has been a big shift in customer behavior and expectation this year; and, if you aren’t keeping up, your sales could suffer this holiday season. Download our 2016 Holiday Strategy Guide for a look back at the 2015 revenue numbers, key dates and deadlines for 2016 and several high-touch strategies that will keep your customers shopping and buying from you throughout the holiday season. [more] 
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tactics What's the deal with preheaders?

"Preview text", "preheader (or pre-header) copy", "second subject line" – whatever you want to call it, it's an incredibly important (and underutilized) component of marketing emails. To help you give your open rates a boost, I’m going to tell you what these mysterious creatures are, why you should care about them, and how to write them correctly. [...] [more]
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strategy Smart Segmentation Tactics to Increase Engagement and Conversions

If you’re a Listrak client, you have the ability to segment on consumer behavior like purchase patterns, browsing activity, email engagement, geo-location and more. You have likely worked with your account manager or your internal team to come up with the best way to use all the behavioral data that you have at your fingertips to create saved segments. Once you create a saved segment in Listrak, that audience is a dynamic target moving forward. As individuals change their behaviors they are actively [...] [more]
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strategy Post-Holiday Strategies: 15 Awesome Ideas

The holidays are practically upon us. And while you could be fine-tuning your holiday strategy and putting the finishing touches on your holiday campaigns, you shouldn’t over look your post-holiday strategy. Without a post-holiday strategy, you’ll lose many of your new subscribers. [...] [more]
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tactics iOS 10 Updates that impact email marketers

Apple is currently beta testing the iOS 10 software update that will be rolling out soon to iPhone and iPad, and a few changes have been noted that will have an impact on email marketers and subscribers. One-Click Unsubscribe. The most noticeable change is an unsubscribe banner that will now appear at the top of marketing emails. [...] [more]
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discussion Explaining the Email/SEO Relationship

We get a lot of questions about the relationship between SEO and email. In essence, they both have the same goal; to get users to your site and, ultimately, to purchase from you. Retailers put a lot of time, effort and resources into both strategies, and each can be valuable if executed well. There’s no denying it, though, SEO is tough! The ever-changing landscape has a reputation for being hard to navigate and complicated to follow. In the last two years alone, Google made nine major algorithm [...] [more]
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 stats Welcome Series Study 2016 [PDF]

In 2011, Listrak began conducting an annual shopping cart abandonment (SCA) study on the retailers in the current Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide¹ and Second 500 Guide² (together, referred to here as top 1000 retailers). Since 2013, we’ve also reported on the number of leading retailers who use modal lightbox acquisition onsite, and have found that the number of Top 500 and Second 500 retailers using this highly effective tactic for building a subscriber base has been steadily rising [...] [more] 
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tactics Four Best Practices for Browse Abandonment

The NRF reported that overall holiday sales increased 3% to $626.1 billion last year and non-store holiday sales grew 9% to $105 billion. Even though about 83% of holiday revenue still comes from brick-and-mortar retail locations, there is no mistaking that digital sales from eCommerce sites and mobile devices are continuing gain market share. [...] [more]
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stats Email Engagement Increases 12.7% in Q1 2016

Are you looking to improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns? You must begin by understanding how your current campaigns measure up in order to identify areas of improvement. If you are going to IRCE in June, our strategists can sit down with you to review your company’s email metrics and how they compare to your industry benchmarks. Contact us to learn more and set up and appointment. We collected open rates, click to open rates, conversion rates and average revenue per email [...] [more]
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tactics Five Email Split-Tests that Really Move the Needle

If you are still hand curating product recommendations or recommending the same products to every shopper – such as top sellers or new markdowns – you will see a big increase in sales and revenue by personalizing those product recommendations based on each shopper’s online behavior and past purchase history. Personalized product recommendations have been proven to increase conversion rates more than 20% - proving that the shoppers are seeing merchandise they are interested in greatly increases [...] [more]
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stats 2016 Retail Email Benchmarks & How to Beat Them [PDF]

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the more strategic your emails are, the more money they’ll make. The DMA found that only 14% of email revenue comes from broadcast campaigns – untargeted and unsegmented emails that are sent to the entire list. Activity-based triggers and lifecycle-based triggers bring in 18% and 12% of email revenue, respectively. Emails that are personalized to specific segments that cover the entire list, what we would call Recurring Automated Campaigns, [...] [more] 
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