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discussion A Curated Look at 134 Email Marketing Predictions

For the second year, we have collected and curated email marketing predictions. So what’s changed in 2017? Data analysis tops the chart and knocks automation out of the top 4. The top 4 categories for 2017 are data analysis, emails and ESPs, content and segmentation. This year data analysis includes artificial intelligence and bots with nearly half (15 of 33) of the category predictions dominated by AI and bots. The other big winners this year are email design and improved ESP platforms followed by [...] [more]
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tactics Three (Mild to Wild) B2B Email Marketing Strategies

We talk a lot about consumer emails here but today we’re looking at three very different B2B email marketing strategies, which range from basic to advanced. Needless to say, email programs in the business-to-business realm have certain attributes that make them different from the average consumer email program—like longer sales cycles, higher price points and fewer products to sell. Today, we’ll review a few B2B strategies that may help you to, not only, stay in front of business prospects/clients [...] [more]
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strategy Transactional Email Services Review for Application Developers: Mandrill vs. SendGrid

Transactional email products have now popped up to provide this service in the cloud. They can alleviate all the headaches of email delivery and reporting, while preserving the flexibility of list management, content management and creative testing. There are now several transactional email services to choose from, including Amazon Web Services, SendGrid, MailJet, and Mandrill. All of which allow for a high-powered and affordable email infrastructure. This review, however, only takes a deep dive [...] [more]
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