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discussion The Relevancy Ring ESP Buyers Guide 2017 [PDF]

Welcome to The Relevancy Ring, a quantifiable measurement of seven Email/Everychannel Service Providers (ESPs) manifesting in leaders and contender vendor Rings. During the three-month research process, we spoke to marketers about their needs and aspirations. Then we evaluated how the vendor solutions are poised to eradicate marketer challenges. [...] [more] 
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stats Find your baseline for better Holiday email analytics

Oh, how the time flies. We’re already into March of this young 2017, and as much as it pains me to say, it’s probably about time we begin thinking about Holiday 2017. But such is life, and if we have to do it, we might as well do it right. So how do we start to think about “doing it right” in Holiday 2017? Well, as an analytics guy, I might be biased, but I believe the data contains the answers. While there are obviously many more factors, which you can see in our 2016 Holiday Insights webinar, data [...] [more]
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stats 2016 Q4 Email Benchmark Report [PDF]

The following report details overall email marketing trends for the fourth quarter of 2016, as well as the key performance indicators (KPIs) that shaped the year-over-year email program success for Cross-Channel Marketing clients. Key trends: Email volume rose by 14% in Q4 2016 compared to Q4 2015. Open, click, and transaction rates, revenue per email, and average order values were all similar to the rates seen in Q4 2015. [...] [more] 
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stats Quarterly email benchmark report Q3 2016 - July, August, September [PDF]

Email volume rose by 19.8% in Q3 2016 compared to Q3 2015. Though send volume increased, transaction rates, revenue per email, and average order values were similar to the rates seen in Q3 2015. Year-over-year total click rates have declined for the past 4 quarters. We found a negative correlation between the increase in clicks on mobile phones, and the decline in total click rates. [...] [more] 
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stats Q2 2016 Email Benchmark Report [PDF]

Email volume increased by 17.1 percent in Q2 2016 compared to Q2 2015, while open rates actually matched or were above those in Q2 2015. The YOY unique click rate declined from 2 percent to 1.8 percent, while the actual number of clicks received in the quarter rose by 7 percent. Quarter-to-quarter volume remained the same for Q2 compared to Q1 2016, but revenue per email rose from $0.06 to $0.07 in Q2. [...] [more] 
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antispam Spamhaus and Email bombing marketing update

As many folks within the email eco-system probably know by now, Spamhaus has been extremely active this week. Over the past week, Spamhaus has listed a number of mailers due to the way their newsletters signups are set up. According to most of the listings, Spamhaus has stated: [...] [more]
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discussion Introducing EmaiLO, a new email marketing rating system

Long before I ever analyzed a single line of data for Experian or one of our clients, I was a sports fan. As a lifelong nerd, it just makes a certain kind of sense that my fandom is largely driven by stats. Winning percentage, passer rating, points per game – these were my beacons, the foundations to any great argument. As I grew older, my love for stats grew from basic to more advanced analysis. Sabermetrics, expectation models, and new methods for true evaluation were my muses, revealing deeper, [...] [more]
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stats The 2016 Digital Marketer [PDF]

Fueled by research from more than 1,000 marketers around the world, it’s the go-to resource for savvy marketing professionals. Fill out the form to get an in-depth look at the data driving the biggest decisions that marketers face today. [...] [more] 
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 stats Relevancy Ring ESP Buyers Guide 2016 [PDF]

Welcome to The Relevancy Ring, a quantifiable measurement of 8 ESPs (Email Service Providers) and Email Infrastructure vendors manifesting in leaders and contender vendor Rings. During the three-month research process we spoke to marketers about their need s and aspirations. Then we evaluated how the vendor solutions are poised to eradicate marketer challenges. [...] [more] 
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stats Latest email marketing benchmarks: 3 takeaways

1. Mobile matters more than ever. Fifty-six percent of total email opens occurred on a mobile phone or tablet in Q4, compared to 54 percent in Q3 2015. Further, with the exception of business products and services, all industries saw a majority of their email opens occurring on mobile phones or tablets. It is likely that we’ll continue to see this shift from desktop to mobile grow in the coming years. Designing your emails for the mobile or tablet viewing experience could [...] [more]
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stats Email Benchmark Report Q4 2015: Best Sendtime? [PDF]

There is no “best time to mail,” but weekends and early morning hours saw increased email engagement during the fourth quarter. While email volume increased by 23.4 percent in Q4 2015 compared to Q4 2014, open rates actually matched or were above those in Q4 2014. Unsubscribe rates also decreased year-over-year (YOY), suggesting that even with increased email volume, customers still engage with messages that are relevant and thoughtful [...] [more] 
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stats Testing the best time to email, based on benchmarks

he new Q4 2015 Email Benchmark Report covers the best time to email — a question we are asked frequently. In short, there is no “best time to email” — every brand has a different set of customers, with different needs and preferences. That said, the historical performance of Q4 2015 email marketing campaigns by time-of-day and day-of-week can highlight opportunities for times and days to test mailing more frequently. [...] [more]
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strategy Driving Extraordinary Email Marketing Results Through Omnichannel Analytics [PDF]

As digital channels evolve and consumers continue to communicate with brands in new and exciting ways, email remains the bedrock of most digital marketers’ omnichannel marketing programs. In fact, the proliferation of digital channels has actually raised email’s stature in the eyes of the CMO who increasingly relies on email to drive a larger percentage of overall revenue. Practitioners who have been driving enviable returns on their email marketing investments for over a decade are now, however, [...] [more] 
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stats Converting holiday shoppers to everyday customers [PDF]

During the holiday season, consumers pulled out their wallets and marketers rejoiced at the sight of mailing lists growing larger every day. But what happens when the decorations are taken down? Every marketer needs to have a strategy for how they plan to convert these seasonal buyers into long-term, loyal customers. In this whitepaper, we explore three important steps that marketers can take to turn their hefty new lists into loyal fan-bases, as well as tips and tricks to implement all three [...] [more] 
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discussion The Forrester Wave: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q3 2015 [PDF]

The RTIM market is evolving rapidly, as CI pros seek to leverage analytics to deliver contextually relevant, real-time experiences across both digital and offline channels. Unfortunately, vendors that excel at digital execution lack seamless integration with offline channels, and vice versa. [...] [more] 
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