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mobile Hiding Elements in Email

Have you ever wondered the best way to hide elements in email? Whether you’re trying to hide/show images on desktop or mobile versions, or want to hide certain parts from different email clients. We take a look at how you can target a range of email clients and the attributes you can use to hide elements within them. Along with an easy way to show different images on desktop and mobile. [...] [more]
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discussion Top Designs for April [GFX]

Summer is here and the sales are hitting hard, as each bank holiday comes around inboxes swell with offers aplenty. Which retailers made there mark this month I hear you say? Stay tuned for the best of the month [...] [more]
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discussion Top Designs for March [GFX]

Mmmmmmm burger… sorry distracted there. In between demolishing as many easter eggs as humanly possible and the continued obsession with finding the best burger we thought we’d share the round up of what March had to offer… Enjoy! 1. McDonalds SL: Still a Big Mac or not a Big Mac? The results are in! [...] [more]
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discussion Top Designs for January [GFX]

Good riddance to January… with hibernation, healthy eating and abstinence what excitement did the inbox bring to supplement the lack of sun and fun elsewhere? Well I’m glad you asked, don’t say we don’t give you anything [...] [more]
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tactics Results from our #Emailweekly Above-the-fold test

The results have shown that around 410px would be our ‘email fold’, receiving 12%of clicks within the first 25% of the email. Although there did continue to be an even spread of clicks between 410px and 1600px, with 80% of recipients continuing to engage this far down the email. This then increased slightly towards the end of the email, most likely due to Desktop opens. With 8% of users still clicking between 1600px and 1700px. 0.4% of Gmail users also clicked on the fake ‘View Entire Message’ call [...] [more]
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discussion Email: Past, present and future

Design for mobile as standard. We would like to see the term ‘mobile email’ used less frequently, all email designs should be fit for mobile as standard. An increase in personalised tactics within email. We expect to see a lot more brands creatively use data to retain customers, a great example is Spotify – ‘Your year in review’. This is a creative way to showcase the data that has been collected, using it to personalise email communication, making content more relevant and bringing email to the fore [...] [more]
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tactics HTML Bulletproof Background images in email

At Action Rocket we keep abreast of all the latest hacks and fixes to ensure our clients get the best emails. Background images can create some great effects in email design and really bring it to life. They do cause some headaches though – Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 all need vector markup language (VML) to display the image correctly as they use the Microsoft Word rendering engine. Windows 10 also has similar quirks, but needs even more information than earlier outlooks, mainly the width and height be [...] [more]
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tactics #Emailweekly: The scariest email in your inbox?

For those of you signed up to our great weekly newsletter, you’ll have noticed some spooky goings on in your inbox last week. We decided to spend a bit of time on it for a Halloween special and send out an email no’one would be expecting… The brief: What scares us #emailgeeks the most? [...] [more]
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tactics 3 step guide to email-friendly MEGA-GIFs

Even though we’re taking brave steps into things like CSS & SVG animation, you still can’t beat a solid GIF for cross-platform animation support. It may have just celebrated it’s 30th (Yes, thirtieth) birthday, but you’d be surprised how much you can still squeeze out of a GIF with a bit of optimisation. It’s totally possible to make something outlandish like a 10 second GIF running at 25 frames per second (FPS) that weighs in at 1MB instead of 20MB. [...] [more]
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discussion Sophie’s top email designs for February [GFX]

Stand out email campaigns from the past month. 1. Billetto. SL: 3 events for a good laugh. Chosen for: + The feedback module in this email is a great idea for future segmenting and making sure readers are receiving the rich content they are more likely to be interested in. + Clean minimal design. [...] [more]
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tactics Summer Showcase: Virgin America GIF Animations [GFX]

With summer almost over, I thought I’d take a look back at some of my favourite campaigns from this summer and (slightly) beyond. First up, Virgin America. Recognised as one of the most innovative companies of 2015, it came as no surprise to me when these little gems began to pop up in my inbox. I’ve been following these animations closely this year, even the emails with static images are awesome – but that’s for another post. [...] [more]
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mobile The future of the Apple Watch

I’m two months deep into living with an Apple Watch, and while it’s not quite ready for the mainstream, I’d say that wearables will be the future for a lot of us. Sure, it’s a slightly clunky first-gen product, but it definitely has its exciting little moments that feel like the future. Obviously the thing we’re most interested in is the Apple Watch’s email abilities. These may at first appear limited in their current state but, again, offer up an interesting glimpse of things to come. [...] [more]
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discussion Will there ever be an email standard?

As you may or may not know, the HTML standard for email is a mess. There is no defined standard, it is more a way of coding that is a reliable as we can get in as many email platforms as we can. It is easy to dismiss it as coding for 1995 – and the table based approach has its roots from that era – but there is at least a dash of some more modern code in order to apply fixes and add enhancement. [...] [more]
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discussion Easter Email Inspiration [GFX]

With Easter this weekend, we have seen some eye-pleasing campaigns blowing up our inbox. Look out for some interesting concepts and [...] [more]
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tactics Images off: McDonald’s leads the way

We’ve talked before about making the experience better for users with images turned off, but it’s still something that is frequently missed by email coders. This example from McDonald’s includes a few best-practice techniques, such as styling Alt-text and clever use of background colour, plus also throws in a bonus piece of burger pixel-art. Delicious. [...] [more]
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