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tactics How to Use a Templating Language in HTML Email Development

The typical usage is when you render something on the server side. The usual use-case is when you have to add dynamic content to your website, so when you fetch something from your database, you will have to replace some parts in your original template. Besides that, you have basic control-flow in templating languages, for example, if branches and loops. These can help you to create a conditional rendering and to use the same sub-template multiple times. (Just think about a shopping cart, where you [...] [more]
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tactics CSS Inliner Tools Worth Considering for Your Next Email

While it’s difficult to fail at email marketing, success can be elusive. Shifting consumer behaviors and expectations, new technologies, improving cross-channel integration, changing anti-spam and privacy laws, evolving inbox provider capabilities—all can make getting ahead a huge challenge. Less than 10% of marketers say their email programs are very successful, according to Litmus’ State of Email Research Series. The majority say their email programs are average or even unsuccessful. [...] [more]
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tactics Beginner's Guide to Using Sass in Email Coding

Do you repeat bits of CSS code across email template projects? Learn to use the Sass preprocessor language to change that and design reusable components. [...] [more]
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tactics Open Source Email HTML Modification Tools for Email Developers

Grab these free & open-source HTML code modification tools created by EDMdesigner specifically for email coders. TextVersionJS strips out HTML markup and provide customizable markdown format. Bulletprooflist converts ul, ol and li elements in HTML to legacy email client compatible code. BulletproofLineLenght wraps long lines to separate multiple lines. [...] [more]
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tactics Code Quality Tools and Email Client Specific Targeting

EDMdesigner blog offers in depth tutorials on HTML email coding for the past few months. In this current article series, we used and going to use frameworks and technologies exceeding the HTML & CSS system of email coding. They are great ways to help productivity, but as a refresher we will take a step back into our comfort zone and look at online tools and less code heavy examples. [...] [more]
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tactics Tabular Data Representation in Modern HTML Emails

Email development relies heavily on the use of tables. In our experience it's best to use them in every aspect of layout and structuring. That is the basis of our drag and drop email editor's success and reliability. However, you also apply tables when you need to present a large portion of well-formatted data. We will go over that right now in this 11th chapter of the Modern HTML Email Tutorial series. [...] [more]
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tactics Paddings, Margins and Borders in Modern HTML Emails

In the first part of the article, you will learn how to use these properties on text and image components. I am talking about components, because it is absolutely not sure that we are going to put all of these CSS properties in the img or p element itself. In the second part, I am going to show you a small trick that you can use to imitate margins that will disappear on mobile devices. If you have created multi-column layouts with margins, you probably know that it can be a pain. [...] [more]
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tactics Typography in Modern HTML Emails

In the last few weeks, we went through the main principles and limitations of HTML Emails. We saw new techniques on layout design, email width limitation and bulletproof buttons. In this article we cover text formatting properties and how we can best use them. This is the 9th article in our tutorial series, where we explore typography-related options and opportunities. We are mainly focusing on the technical aspects of typography now. [...] [more]
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tactics Background Images in Modern HTML Emails

This article uncovers the approaches how background images can be set in email HTML. Various email clients support distinct CSS properties and HTML attributes, which makes a big difference in the way your content shows up. In each section of this post, we apply different background-related properties to different HTML element types. We detail background images on div, table and td, and inspect the appropriate technique to use for email body background images. [...] [more]
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tactics Bulletproof HTML Email Buttons - A New Line-height Based Approach

In this article I am going to put to the test the basic bulletproof button techniques, and also introduce a couple of new ideas I had during the testing process. Email buttons are hard to test, because passing visual tests like Litmus or Email on Acid are not enough. It is fundamental as well to click those buttons to confirm that they are bulletproof indeed. I have done that cumbersome work for you, and I share the results in short animations, so you have a reliable proof. [...] [more]
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tactics HTML Email Width - Overcoming the 600px Barrier

The de facto standard for HTML emails' width is 600 pixels. But why is that? We have written two articles about it already. The first was published on this blog long, long ago; the second was published recently on chamaileon.io's blog. The latter is an in-depth article, I really recommend you to read that. Many people in the email community are doubting that we still need to use such narrow designs. There are many companies who are experimenting with wider newsletters. They realized that most of [...] [more]
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tactics The Drop Calc Method to Create Responsive HTML Emails

While I was researching the existing methods, I figured out a new way to create responsive HTML emails which works on almost all of the email clients. I call it The Drop Calc Method. There are only a few clients where this technique does not work correctly - which I write about in the drawbacks section -, so I decided to share it with the community. I hope email coders will find it useful. If you find any drawbacks or a way to improve it, please let me know in the comments block. [...] [more]
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tactics Coding Responsive HTML Emails After the Gmail Update

This is why we took the example HTML from the official documentation and we crafted some basic test cases to see what’s really possible in the new (web and mobile) email clients of Google. We also included the Litmus tests of other email clients upfront to gain a more complete picture of the HTML email of the future. (At the moment we can just assume that everything will work smoothly on Gmail, but we will find out soon if we re-run the tests we created.) Besides the basic examples, we created a more [...] [more]
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tactics Detailed Guide to Using Colors in Email Template Design

Have you ever wondered how color choice influences your email marketing campaign and conversion rate? Intriguing, even appealing subject line is definitely a key that makes people to open emails. But what happens when your customers see what is inside? [...] [more]
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social 8 Ways to Integrate Your Email Marketing With Social Media

Let’s put aside the discussion on what is more effective in communicating to your customer: social media or email marketing. Each of these channels has it strong and weak points. Email has higher open rate and is great for retention and lead generation. Social is good for user generated content, community building, branding and staying top-of-the mind for your customers. [...] [more]
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